Applying Intelligence to Application Security

CQ appFirewall complements CQ botDefense as an additional security module available within the Cequence Application Security Platform (ASP).


Cequence Application Security Platform


Taking a new approach to application security, one that uses intelligence, automation and a cloud-centric architecture, CQ appFirewall extends beyond traditional WAF functionality, allowing your security team to accomplish several key objectives:

  • Simplifies management, enabling your team to do more with less. CQ appFirewall fully leverages intelligence generated by the CQAI traffic and threat analytics engine to virtually eliminate the need to manually create and update applications and threat signatures.
  • Improves security efficacy with customized application infrastructure defense. Threat response options that go beyond traditional alert and block, CQ appFirewall allows you to improve security efficacy with creative mitigation techniques such as geo-fencing and deception.
  • Integrates with your existing security infrastructure. As an integral component of Cequence ASP, CQ appFirewall takes advantage of the CQ Connect REST APIs to import and export information and thus improve the efficacy of your entire security infrastructure. The distributed, container-based architecture enables you to deploy CQ appFirewall in the cloud, data center or hybrid locations.
  • Enables application security consolidation. Managed centrally, the integrated elements of the Cequence ASP, CQ botDefense and CQ appFirewall allow you to manage multiple application security functions – bot protection and application firewall – with a single pane of glass.

What sets CQ appFirewall apart is the platform approach that fully leverages the CQAI intelligence to address the vulnerability protection and compliance requirements (e.g., OWASP Top 10 and PCI DSS Section 6.6) that most organizations have struggled to effectively deploy. CQ appFirewall, in conjunction with Cequence ASP, protects your entire modern application landscape including mobile and API-based – not just your web applications.

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