Cequence Unified API Protection Solution

Eliminate Unknown, Unprotected and Unmitigated API Risks

The Cequence UAP creates a complete runtime inventory of all managed and unmanaged APIs, known and previously unknown. Discovered APIs risks are flagged for remediation while sophisticated threats are detected and mitigated in real time. The result is complete protection from API threats that cause data loss, theft, fraud, and business disruption.

Quickly Deploys Across the Entire API Infrastructure

Deploy the Unified API Protection solution with zero changes to your on-premises, cloud or SaaS infrastructure, or modifications to your existing API or web application workflows. Quickly expand coverage, visibility, and mitigation across the entire API protection lifecycle—without disrupting or slowing business.
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API Spyder
API Spyder

API Spyder

Proactively discover what attackers see and categorize based on risk – all without deploying any software or traffic flow modifications. Prioritize remediation efforts based on severity.
API Sentinel

API Sentinel

Create an up-to-date API catalog with continuous API discovery, inventory tracking and threat detection. Assess and remediate sensitive data handling and authentication errors during development.
API Testing

API Testing

Discover and remediate API vulnerabilities using a combination of development and security focused test scenarios.
API Spartan

API Spartan

Prevent automated API attacks and business logic abuse with unmatched efficacy rates using behavioral fingerprinting that tracks attackers regardless of how rapidly they retool.

Core Capabilities


Continuous Attack Surface Discovery

Find and remediate public facing APIs and associated resources that could expose your organization to data loss, compliance violations or system compromise.


API Discovery, Inventory and Cataloging

Edge deployment along with integration with API gateways, proxies, load balancers, and ingress controllers delivers automatic, no-touch discovery and inventory tracking of all your public facing and internal APIs.


Assess and Remediate API Risks

Predefined and custom risk assessment rules uncover API coding errors that can lead to data loss, fraud or system compromise. Initiate remediation tasks for the development team with embedded alerting features.


Sensitive Data Detection

PCI and SOC 2 compliant platform with customizable, ML-based sensitive data discovery rules help you find and remediate data governance violations by identifying APIs and endpoints that may be exposing sensitive data.


Comprehensive Threat Detection

Leverage the largest database of attack behaviors to detect the full range of API threats including those defined in the OWASP Automated Attack list and the Web and API Top 10 lists.

Native Mitigation

Native Mitigation

Instantly mitigate API attacks using a behavioral fingerprint that tracks the attack, even as they continually retool. Flexible per policy and per-app or API responses include block, rate limit, geo-fence, and deception without relying on any third-party solution such as a WAF.


Conformance Testing

Augment standard QA cycles by comparing APIs in development or production against your OpenAPI specification. Initiate remediation tasks for the development team with embedded alerting features.


Reporting and Analytics

Use the graphical management dashboard to visualize results and drill-down into next level details for a complete understanding of the findings. Generate custom reports to share results and status updates with other team members.

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