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API Security Posture Management

API Sentinel discovers, monitors, and tests your APIs, assessing a broad range of risks  that can lead to compliance or governance issues, data loss, and business disruption. 
API Sentinel is available as part of the Cequence Unified API Protection platform
or as separate Security Compliance and Security Testing modules.

API Sentinel Security Compliance

offers continuous API discovery, inventory, and risk assessment.

API Sentinel Security Testing

offers API security testing that identifies vulnerabilities and other issues that could be exploited.
Today’s online businesses run on APIs, and IT and security teams need visibility and control to enact a robust API security program. Use cases addressed by API Sentinel include: 
API discovery & inventory

API discovery & inventory

Generation of API definitions from API discovery

API risk identification & classification 

Sensitive data exposure detection and prevention

Sensitive data exposure detection and prevention

OWASP API Security Top 10 risk categorization with
customizable risk and sensitive data identification

OWASP API Security Top 10 risk categorization with customizable risk and sensitive data identification

Comprehensive API Discovery 

Unlike competing solutions, API Sentinel deploys at the network level and requires no server- or client-side agents, JavaScript, or SDK integration. This approach ensures API discovery and compliance is not limited to the systems that can be instrumented and eliminates downstream penalties such as extended development cycles, slow page loads, and increased cloud costs. API Sentinel is easily deployed inline or integrates directly with your existing infrastructure such as API gateways. 
Comprehensive API Discovery 
Continuous, Real-Time Risk Visibility 

Continuous, Real-Time Risk Visibility 

API Sentinel automatically identifies all your API endpoints – documented, undocumented, third-party, and even shadow APIs to create a runtime API catalog. Discovered APIs are inventoried and assessed for risk related to access control, sensitive data leakage, and even compliance with the published API specification. Default rules and prioritization are user configurable to meet the needs of your business and require no coding or scripting. 

Identify Sensitive Data Exposure 

API Sentinel identifies sensitive data based on ML-based rules with predefined (e.g., credit card and social security numbers) and customizable data patterns. A graphical dashboard displays the results with details such as the API source leaking the data and the pattern found. 
Identify Sensitive Data Exposure 
Integrated API Security Testing 

Integrated API Security Testing 

API Sentinel enables IT and development teams to thoroughly test their APIs, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and coding errors, both in pre-production and at runtime. Autonomous test creation generates API specs without human involvement, eliminating a great deal of manual work. Supports CI/CD pipelines, IDEs, or stand-alone testing. 

API Sentinel is Part of the Cequence Unified API Protection Platform 

The Cequence Unified API Protection platform unites discovery, compliance, and protection across all internal and external APIs to defend against attacks, targeted abuse, and fraud. API Sentinel mitigates issues using API Spartan to natively block incoming attacks or sensitive data exposure. Cequence solutions scale to handle the most demanding government, Fortune and Global 500 organizations, securing more than 8 billion daily API calls and protecting more than 3 billion user accounts.
An API Spartan product screenshots showing blocked traffic vs. blocked traffic on inventory API and percentage of total.
This customer developed broad API sprawl through years of organic growth and acquisitions. API Sentinel provided a continuous runtime API inventory of thousands of APIs including internal, external, and even shadow APIs. APIs inadvertently exposing sensitive data or otherwise not conforming to spec were also identified for swift remediation. The continuous monitoring ability of API Sentinel ensured that existing APIs would be tracked and new APIs would be discovered as soon as they appeared. 
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