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Cequence Security is proud to receive so many industry accolades.

But it’s even more rewarding to know that we’re protecting the critical applications of some of the largest organizations in the world.

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Prying-Eye Vulnerability

Direct-to-API Enumeration Attack Enables Snooping

The Prying-Eye vulnerability is an example of an enumeration attack that targets web conferencing APIs with a bot that cycles through (enumerates) and discovers valid numeric meeting IDs. If the common user practice of disabling security functionality or not assigning a password is followed, then the bad actor would be able to view or listen to an active meeting.

Customer Interview

Protecting Zoosk from Automated Bot Attacks

Alissa Knight, Senior Analyst with Aite Group, sits down with Zoosk to discuss how they use the Cequence Application Security Platform to protect their public-facing applications from malicious bot attacks.

API Vulnerabilities:

Protecting APIs from Automated Attacks

There is a global API vulnerability epidemic. Shreyans Mehta, Co-Founder and CTO of Cequence Security, and Alissa Knight, Senior Analyst with Aite Group, sit down to discuss CQPrime’s latest vulnerability disclosure and how organizations can improve when it comes to addressing API security.