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Protect Your APIs with Unmatched Runtime Visibility

Safeguard your customer data with the most effective and adaptive defense against security gaps caused by shadow and non-conformant APIs.

Protect Your APIs and Web Applications from Online Fraud, Business Logic Attacks, Exploits and Data Loss

Introducing API Sentinel

Runtime discovery of all APIs – including shadow and out-of-spec – to eliminate security risks before they move into production.

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API abuse infographic - most frequent attack vector
API Sentinel

Worried About Leakage of Sensitive Data over APIs?

APIs are enabling your organizations’ digital transformation. Don’t let shadow or non-conforming APIs inadvertently expose you to unnecessary security risks.

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Complete Visibility into APIs and Web Applications

Proactive Protection for APIs and Web Applications

APIs are the new frontier in cybercrime. Get actionable intelligence into all your APIs and web apps with CQAI.

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Detect Attacks

Detect Attacks Based on Behavioral Intent

Bots continually retool to find success. CQAI multidimensional analysis generates an intent-based, behavioral fingerprint for policy-based enforcement.

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App Firewall

Use Bot Findings to Block Exploits

Translate CQAI findings into App Firewall policies to stop sophisticated threats that combine both vulnerability and bot attack characteristics.

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Block or Deceive the Bots

Block or Deceive the Attacker? You Decide

Attacks can be stopped using multiple response options including deception, a technique that convinces attackers that they’ve succeeded.

Fool the Bots

Why Cequence?

API Sentinel, combined with Bot Defense and App Firewall unifies web and API protection with runtime API visibility, security risk monitoring, and patented behavioral fingerprinting technology to consistently detect and protect against ever evolving online attacks.

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Actionable Intelligence

Agentless analysis of your API and application footprint allow you to understand your security risks and address them instantly.

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Not a Blackbox

Integrate behavioral fingerprint data with your security and analytics for rapid response and event correlation with an open, extensible platform.

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Deployment Flexibility

Deploy security where you need it rapidly and easily in the private or public cloud, data center, or as a SaaS.

Why Cequence?

Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries. Read the case studies.

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Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

Case Studies | Videos
API Sentinel FSI Customer Case Study

Listen to Joe Krull, Senior Cyber Security Analyst at the Aite Group summarize his discussion with one of our API Sentinel customers in the financial services industry. The case study is an excerpt from the joint webinar Cequence and Aite Group held on Oct 27 titled A View into API Attacks and Vulnerabilities.

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Cequence API Sentinel

API Sentinel provides enterprises with unmatched visibility into API usage, specification conformance and security risk. Armed with an understanding of API usage and potential risk, security and development teams can efficiently prioritize fixes at a per-API level to mitigate security risks.

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Six Things Your API Visibility and Monitoring Solution Must Do

With a mix of development-oriented tools, gateways and vulnerability focused solutions - researching API security solutions can be confusing. Operating under the premise that security begins with visibility, this paper outlines the six must have requirements for an API visibility and monitoring solution.

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