Cequence Managed Services

Extend Your Security Team with World-Class API Protection Expertise

IT and Security teams are stretched thin, trying to respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks while keeping up with routine tasks. Cequence Managed Services complement and extend your team’s expertise with our world-class team of cybersecurity experts to efficiently and effectively mitigate threats against your APIs and your organization.

API Discovery & Risk Monitoring Managed Service

Optimizes the discovery of your API attack surface while creating a runtime API inventory to help reduce your API risk posture. Customers are assisted in the proper configuration of API Spyder for API attack surface management, and API Sentinel for runtime API inventory and risk mitigation.

API Attack Surface Discovery

Discover your organization’s API attack surface, identify, and remediate risks to improve your overall security posture.

Runtime Inventory

Get visibility into your runtime API inventory including the discovery of known APIs, unknown APIs, and OWASP API Security Top 10 and API 10+ risks.

Risk Remediation

Obtain key recommendations on critical risk areas that can improve your API security posture to help thwart targeted cyberattacks.

API Threat Protection Managed Service

Provides customers with advanced monitoring, threat consulting, policy review, and optimization to strengthen your API protection and incident response capabilities. As part of this service, Cequence assists in the configuration and management of API Spartan for threat detection and mitigation.

Proactive Threat

Provides advanced monitoring and incident response activities to prevent sophisticated cyberattacks from exploiting your APIs.

Threat Consulting, Reporting, and Policy Review

Delivers an assessment of your current API risk posture, policy efficacy, and areas of suggested improvement to mitigate targeted attacks more effectively.

Integration, Automation, and Optimization

Streamlines API Spartan deployment to ensure your API performance, reliability, and availability goals are met.

API Edge Protection Managed Service

Deploy web application firewall (WAF) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services to defend your APIs from cyberattacks that aim to disrupt business operations.

DDoS Protection

Protects against large-scale DDoS attacks that can overwhelm the operation of your APIs and business.

WAF Configuration

Deploys a WAF with a standard core rule set (CRS) that blocks OWASP Top 10 attacks that target your APIs.

TLS Certificate Provisioning

Provides automated provisioning and management of Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates that enable secure communication.

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