API Sentinel

Runtime API Discovery, Risk Assessment and Threat Mitigation

Discover and track your APIs; assess and remediate risks to eliminate coding errors that can lead to data loss and business disruption.
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API Sentinel Product Features

Eliminate API Discovery Surprises

ML-based, runtime discovery, inventory tracking and analysis of all your public facing and internal APIs – known, unknown, with or without a defined specification.

Minimize Compliance Risks with Sensitive Data Assessment

Customizable, ML-based sensitive data assessment rules help you find and remediate sensitive data exposure errors that lead to compliance violations.
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Strengthen shift left efforts while shielding right

Strengthen Shift Left Efforts While Shielding Right

Continuously assess API risk posture to ensure authentication coding best practices are used to enforce API specification conformance.
Open API Initiative

Accelerate Specification Framework Adoption

Automatic OpenAPI 3.0 specification generation for any discovered API speeds framework adoption, improves API coding quality and strengthens security.

Cequence Security exceeds our requirements for runtime API visibility and protection.”

— VP of Security, Large Global Telecom Service Provider