API Sentinel

API Sentinel

API Security Posture Management

Understand your API risk posture pre and post production. Identify and track your API risks; assess and remediate risks to eliminate coding errors that can lead to data loss and business disruption.
Assess and Remediate API Risks

Assess and Remediate API Risks

Uncover API coding errors that can lead to data loss, fraud or system compromise. Initiate remediation tasks for development teams through alerting and notifications.

Detect Sensitive Data Exposure

Customizable, ML-based sensitive data assessment rules help you find and remediate sensitive data exposure errors that lead to compliance violations.
API security testing

Generative AI Powered API Security Testing

Use Generative AI to automatically generate security test cases customized to your unique APIs, business or vertical. Enable comprehensive testing of your application to ensure critical vulnerabilities are remediated before production.

Remediation and Reporting

Operationalize API security by integrating continuous inventory and risk data into CI/CD pipelines, enabling AppSec to remediate risks. Generate summary reports consumable by senior management.
Open API Initiative

“Cequence Security exceeds our requirements for runtime API visibility and protection.”

— VP of Security, Large Global Telecom Service Provider