API Spartan

API Spartan

Stop API Attacks and Improve Your Bottom Line

Protect APIs in real time from malicious automated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities and enable business logic abuse that can result in fraud or data loss. API Spartan prevents attacks passively or natively inline and requires no JavaScript, Mobile SDK or web application firewall (WAF) integration.
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Stop API Attacks, Not Your Business

Agentless, no-integration approach leveraging Cequence AI engine (CQAI) to threat protection eliminates the need for JavaScript and SDK integration penalties such as extended development cycles, slow page loads and forced mobile-app upgrades.

Behavior-based API Protection

Leverage the largest threat database of API attack behaviors to track and block automated attacks with unmatched efficacy rates, regardless of how rapidly they retool.
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Stop Online Fraud

Protect your customers from fraudulent activity such as unauthorized fund transfers or complex bank fraud campaigns. Customizable rules and automated machine learning on tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) make it easy to implement any fraud use case that protects your business from criminal activity.
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Address PCI and OWASP Top 10 Compliance Requirements

Prevent highly automated exploits that traditional WAFs may miss while addressing PCI and OWASP Top 10 compliance requirements.

Stop Malicious API Attacks,
Improve Your Bottom Line