API Spartan

Bot Management and Fraud Prevention

API Spartan protects organizations from the full range of bot attacks to prevent data loss, theft, and fraud, eliminating harmful business impacts such as downtime, brand damage, skewed sales analytics, and increased infrastructure costs.
API Spartan is part of the Cequence Unified API Protection platform
or available as separate Bot Management and Fraud Prevention modules.

The API Spartan Bot Management module

offers bot attack detection and native mitigation without requiring app modification.

The API Spartan Fraud Prevention module

offers fraud detection policies, native mitigation, and forensic analysis.
Today’s attackers are more sophisticated than ever, employing a variety of tools and techniques that are often difficult to detect, not to mention prevent. API Spartan detects and mitigates a variety of attacks, including:

Account takeover (ATO)

BOLA vulnerabilities

Flash sales, hype sales, and sneaker drops

Sensitive data exposure

Gift card / loyalty program abuse

Fake account creation

No Application Modification

No shelfware here – API Spartan deploys quickly, passive or inline. It requires no server- or client-side agents, JavaScript, or SDK integration, eliminating downstream penalties such as extended development cycles, slow page loads, and increased cloud costs.

Coverage for All Applications 

API Spartan protects all network traffic, extending protection beyond applications and infrastructure that support application-specific toolkits to include web applications, mobile devices, and cloud- and microservices-based architectures.

Rapid Time
to Value

Every business and vertical faces different threats. API Spartan is immediately effective upon deployment, and highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.

Behavior-based Attack Fingerprinting

API Spartan delivers highly-effective API and web application protection using multi-dimensional machine learning techniques that identify malicious traffic based on behavior. The CQAI machine learning engine improves attack detection and evolves with sophisticated attacks, even as attackers re-tool to avoid detection.

Ulta Beauty Prevents Novel API Attacks with API Spartan

Ulta Beauty faced a persistent, high-volume inventory API scraping attack designed to enable real-world robbery opportunities. The attack had costs beyond inventory loss, including infrastructure and labor costs. API Spartan identified the malicious traffic, blocked tens of millions of bogus requests, and saved tens of thousands of dollars.

API Spartan is Part of the Cequence Unified API Protection Platform 

The Cequence Unified API Protection platform unites discovery, compliance, and protection across all internal and external APIs to defend against attacks, targeted abuse, and fraud. Onboard APIs in minutes, without requiring any instrumentation, SDK, or JavaScript deployments. Cequence solutions scale to handle the most demanding Fortune and Global 500 organizations, securing more than 8 billion daily API calls and protecting more than 3 billion user accounts.

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