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Helping our partners grow their business by protecting their customers’ APIs from automated attacks and vulnerability exploits.
The Cequence Security partner program is designed to help you maximize your growth and profitability while transforming the API protection market. The Cequence Unified API Protection solution is designed to be open and extensible so that Cequence partners can easily expand their solutions for customers to adapt to the ever changing business and threat landscape.

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Iris Garcia Technologies

Why Partner With Us?

Gartner estimates the API security market to be worth more than $4B annually and Cequence Security is achieving significant customer growth:


of customers paying more than a million dollars over the next three years


of Cequence’s customers pay over $100,000 per year


of the 3 biggest telecom companies in the US rely on Cequence to protect their APIs


of Cequence’s customers expanded their usage during the last year
As a Cequence Security business partner and a trusted advisor, you can help guide your customers through the API protection lifecycle, regardless of where they are in their API journey.

Why is API Protection Important?

API-based applications are driving every aspect of organizations’ digital ecosystem and have become front and center for businesses to engage with their customers, partners and suppliers. This makes APIs an attractive target for attackers. As a Cequence business partner, you can leverage the business opportunity to help your customers discover, analyze and protect their APIs from automated attacks and exploits.
The era of digital transformation has highlighted the market need for a solution that protects against attacks targeting API vulnerabilities, attempts to commit fraud or access to sensitive information. Our partnership with Cequence Security will offer that robust API security protection that the industry has been lacking.”
Jason Johns
Head of Global Alliances and Channels at Software AG

Become a Partner

Cequence Security is building relationships with cloud providers to help organizations protect their customer’s data from automated attacks and vulnerability exploits.