Broken Hearts and Empty Wallets: Romance Scams Plague Dating Apps

Every year around Valentine’s day, romance scams seem to rear their ugly heads. As more and more of our lives are online, it’s easier to meet people and get to


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CQ Prime Threat Research
Insights from a Leading API Security Vendor: Understanding the Joint Cybersecurity Advisory on IDOR Vulnerabilities by ACSC, CISA, and NSA

July 31, 2023

The Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and U.S. National Security...

CQ Prime Threat Research
API Threat Research Validates Robust API Security Program with Automated API Attack Mitigation Capabilities

May 16, 2023

API threat research by the Cequence CQ Prime Threat Research team during the second half of 2022 confirms that API...

CQ Prime Threat Research
Best Practices for Addressing Log4j and LoNg4j Patching Gaps

January 27, 2023

Long after the press news and panic surrounding the discovery of Log4j, the Log4 Shell exploit and the supply-chain variant...

CQ Prime Threat Research
API Security: API10+ Defined as Bots Abusing Well-Formed APIs

January 26, 2023

API business logic abuse, informally defined as as OWASP API10+, an extension to the OWASP API Top 10, is the...

CQ Prime Threat Research
How BOLA Vulnerabilities Can Expose Sensitive Data: API Security Report

January 24, 2023

New threat research for API security, this blog walks through the discovery of a Broken Object Level Authorization or BOLA...

CQ Prime Threat Research
API Security Bypassed Using Multiple OWASP API Threats

January 20, 2023

Research by the CQ Prime Threat Research Team documents how attackers leveraged multiple OWASP API Top 10 threats including Broken...