CQAI leverages the largest API threat database of behavioral patterns, known malicious infrastructure and third-party intelligence to accurately detect API threats hiding in plain sight with industry-leading high efficacy rates.
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CQAI Features

Any API Source; Any Location

Agentless integration with a wide range of network infrastructure components ensures CQAI sees and analyzes all APIs, regardless of location. API gateway integrations include MuleSoft, Software AG webMethods Gateway, and Google Apigee; CDN integrations include Amazon CloudFront, Akamai, Fastly and Imperva. Other integrations Tetrate Service Bridge, proxies such as Nginx and load balancers from AWS, Google and Azure. CQAI can be deployed as a SaaS, in your data center or the cloud.
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Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services

Detect Sophisticated Threats with Behavioral Fingerprinting

Leveraging a database with billions of API threat records, CQAI creates a Behavioral Fingerprint of every attack by automatically applying global ML models to analyze API header and payload while local models are used to determine behavior and intent. Each fingerprint continually tracks attackers as they modify their actions to evade detection. All ML models are continually updated based on the latest threats and pushed to customers.
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API Security Attack Detection
Automatically Detect Malicious Infrastructure

Automatically Detect Malicious Infrastructure

A database of more than 100 million IP addresses and 200 thousand organizations – the largest of all API security vendors – allows you to automatically detect (and block) suspicious traffic targeting your APIs.
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Threat Intelligence

Uncover and Remediate Coding Errors

Minimize false positives for APIs leaking sensitive data with ML-based risk assessment rules that cast a wider net for potentially exposed data patterns. Uncover and remediate potential vulnerabilities caused by authentication coding errors and specification non-conformance.
API Security - Custom Rule
Native Mitigation

Immediately Translate Findings into Action

Use any of the hundreds of out-of-the-box rules to translate CQAI findings into native, inline, prevention policies. Flexible per app or per policy response options include block, rate limit, geo-fence and deception.

Why Cequence Security

Organizations that rely on APIs to power their business trust Cequence Security to proactively and predictively protect billions of API calls every day—without disruption to existing infrastructure and workflows.
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