Cequence & Tetrate

Accelerating Cloud Native Security

The Cequence Unified API Protection solution and Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) integration enables you to manage, secure and continually monitor your cloud-native applications in multi-cluster, multi-cloud deployments. Cequence complements the TSB unified management plane, API gateway features, and continuous monitoring with best-in-class API discovery, security risk monitoring and threat protection capabilities.

Centralized Services Discovery and Management

Discover and manage the APIs used by your services through a single pane of glass across multi-cluster, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. Create and deploy API discovery policies for all services from a centralized management interface.
Monitor API Security Risks
Extend service-level security with discovery of API security risks, such as usage of unauthenticated endpoints, APIs with schema conformance issues and APIs exposing sensitive data.
Detect API Threats Hiding in Plain Sight
Go beyond OWASP top 10-based WAF protection for your services by detecting account takeover, credential stuffing and other business logic abuse attacks on your public-facing APIs with patented Behavioral Fingerprinting.

Prevent Attacks and Malicious Usage

Protect your services from attacks and malicious usage with response options that include blocking, rate-limiting, or logging unwanted service requests. Export the results to fraud and analytics teams to investigate malicious, anomalous or suspicious service usage.
Cequence API Spartan

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