Block Bots, Not Humans

Three steps to better application security. Gain complete visibility into APIs, web, mobile applications. Uncover malicious intent hiding in plain sight. Translate intent-based findings into policy-based enforcement.

Bot Defense Features

Prevent automated bot attacks – accurately and automatically.

Continuous Discovery, Actionable Visibility

Agentless architecture automatically discovers API and web application, building an intuitive site map for actionable visibility. New API and web applications are discovered and protected as soon as they are deployed. Read the Bot Defense datasheet to learn more.

Powered by CQAI

More than 150 ML-based automation indicators allow you to detect and prevent well-known automated attacks (e.g., account takeovers, fake account creation) as well as those that target application business logic (e.g., content/price scraping, gift card fraud, API abuse) with CQAI.

Behavioral Fingerprinting

CQAI multidimensional analysis of your API and web applications results in a behavioral fingerprint that determines user intent. When used in a security policy, the fingerprint continually tracks the attacker to ensure continuous protection.

Customizable Rules, Policies and Response Options

Application and attack visibility can be translated into policies that allow what you want, deny all else. Discovered attacks are mitigated using a range of response options including blocking, rate limiting, geo-fencing and deception. Read the Bot Defense datasheet to learn more.

Open, Extensible Platform Integrates with Existing IT Infrastructure

A rich user interface and an open, API-based architecture allow you to, translate CQAI findings into security policies and share them externally with another security device, a SIEM, or a REST API endpoint for added analysis or correlation.

Flexible Deployment Options

Container-based architecture that scales as needed and allows you to deploy in the public cloud, your private cloud or datacenter and as a SaaS offering.

Why Cequence?

"Cequence Security exceeds our requirements for runtime API visibility and protection.”

-- Large global telecom service provider, read the case study

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Better Security with Less Effort

Accelerates incident response time with complete visibility into APIs, web applications and automated attacks.

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No Application Changes

Bakes security into your application development framework without application changes and deployment bottlenecks caused by JavaScript and SDK integration requirements from other tools.

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Reduced Operational Burden

Reduces the operational effort associated with preventing automated attacks on API and web applications when deployed as a SaaS.

Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries.

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Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

Cequence CQAI Technology

Technical summary of how CQAI analyzes behavioral intent to detects malicious bot activity that can then be mitigated based on policy.

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Preventing Fraud Caused by Account Takeovers

Organizations are plagued by automated attacks such as account takeovers and fake account creation. Learn how these attacks work, how the attackers hide in plain sight, and innovative strategies for catching malicious bots.

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Uncover the Existence of an OpenBullet Attack Config

Tips and techniques to help you uncover the existence of an attack config, then demonstrate how it is used in OpenBullet, providing pointers on how to use OpenBullet to your mitigation advantage. A demonstration of Cequence Bot Defense will wrap up the session.

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Start preventing fraud caused by account takeovers and API business logic abuse now!

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