Helping Organizations Prevent Bot Attacks And Vulnerability Exploits

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Cequence Security is building relationships with technology companies, system integrators, and channel partners to help organizations protect their customer’s data from automated attacks and vulnerability exploits.

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Available on AWS Marketplace, the Cequence Application Security Platform complements native AWS security by preventing bot attacks and vulnerability exploits targeting public facing applications on AWS.

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Bot Defense SaaS integrates with Fastly CDN allowing you to prevent account takeovers, API abuse, vulnerability exploits and DDoS attacks while maximizing content delivery.

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The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform performs application filtering and SSL decryption to help ensure only the appropriate traffic is forwarded to the Cequence Application Security Platform for analysis.

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Integration with NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus simplifies the traffic analysis performed by the Application Security Platform to prevent fraud and data loss that may result from automated bot attacks and vulnerability exploits against your public‑facing API and web applications.

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Become a member of our partner program and help your customers protect their customer’s data from automated attacks and vulnerability exploits.


Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

Research Reports
Bulletproof Proxies: The Evolving Cybercriminal Infrastructure

This report maps attack patterns observed within the Cequence Security customer base to one of the leading Bulletproof Proxy providers.

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Preventing Fraud Caused by Account Takeovers

Organizations are plagued by automated attacks such as account takeovers and fake account creation. Learn how these attacks work, how the attackers hide in plain sight, and innovative strategies for catching malicious bots.

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Case Studies
Zoosk: Preventing ATOs and Romance Fraud

Discover how Zoosk eliminated romance fraud by preventing ATOs targeting the mobile APIs.

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