Cequence & Kong

The Cequence Unified API Protection solution integrates with the Kong API Gateway, complementing its native security with full API protection lifecycle coverage and eliminating any reliance on third-party tools such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF).
Discover and Track All Your APIs
Holistic API discovery complements the visibility and management provided by Kong API Gateway to give security teams complete visibility into known and unknown APIs, both internal and external, regardless of management infrastructure used. Once unmanaged, unknown APIs are discovered they can be brought under the Kong API management umbrella to ensure security and governance policy consistency. 
Strengthen Compliance and Data Governance Controls
Extend basic secrets management capabilities with proactive API analysis that helps data governance teams find and remediate sensitive data handling coding errors that can introduce compliance and governance violations. 
Detect Sophisticated API Attacks
Go beyond basic bot and IP filtering provided by Kong with ML-based analysis that leverages a threat intelligence database with billions of records and behavioral fingerprinting to detect and continually track sophisticated API attacks – even as they retool to evade detection. 

Flexible, Realtime Mitigation Responses

Real-time responses to API attacks range from blocking and rate limiting to HTTP header insertion and deception, all executed in real-time, per policy or per app, without reliance on third-party integrations.
Cequence API Spartan

Get an Attacker’s View
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