Cequence & Software AG

Accelerating Cloud Native Security

The Cequence Unified API Protection solution integrates with the Software AG webMethods API Gateway, complementing its’ native security features with a prevention first approach that unifies inline API threat prevention, holistic API discovery, inventory tracking, risk assessment and remediation. Cequence is the only unified API protection solution that prevents attacks natively, eliminating any reliance on third-party tools such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Start Analyzing APIs in Minutes

Begin analyzing and protecting your APIs in minutes with a few clicks without deploying any sensors or network taps. Newly released APIs are automatically analyzed and protected.
Holistic API Discovery and Visibility
Discover all your APIs, regardless of management infrastructure with a full spectrum analysis that provides both an inside-out and outside-in perspective.
Maintain Compliance and Data Governance
Find and remediate coding errors that can lead to compliance and data governance violations with predefined and custom API risk assessment rules across managed and unmanaged APIs.
Detect API Threats Hiding in Plain Sight
Uncover API attacks and continuously track their evasive actions with market defining ML-based Behavioral Fingerprinting.

Native, Real-Time Threat Mitigation

Cequence is the only solution that supports native mitigation without reliance on third-party integrations. Policies can be applied globally, or on a per API basis.

Get an Attacker’s View
into Your Organization