Key features


Continuous App Discovery and Visibility

Agentless, ML-based analytics engine automatically and continually analyzes your network traffic, building an intuitive site map of your public facing web and mobile applications along with any exposed APIs.


Open, Extensible Platform Integrates with Existing IT Infrastructure

A rich management interface and a REST API allow you to control all aspects of your deployment and import or export data to enhance your security posture, or perform post-mortem analysis and policy fine-tuning.


Detect Threats With Dynamic Machine Learning

Customizable, ML-based automation indicators analyze traffic to detect and prevent automated account takeovers and API-based business logic abuse. The result: consistent security for web and mobile applications along with any exposed APIs.

Security Baked into the Application Infrastructure

The agentless, ML-based approach effectively bakes security into your application workflow, allowing dev teams to publish updates rapidly and securely while eliminating application JavaScript instrumentation and mobile S DK integration pen alties such as deployment delays and slow page load times.


Customizable Rules, Policies and Response Options

The knowledge of apps in use and those under attack can be translated into customized policies that enforce a positive security model – allowing what you want while denying all else. Detected attacks can be mitigated using a range of response options including blocking, rate limiting, geo-fencing and deception.


Deployment Flexibility

Deployed as a SaaS offering hosted on AWS or as a Docker Swarm in your Amazon VPC, CQ botDefense allows you to place application security in the location that best suits your security and architecture requirements.


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