Cequence Security Named a 2021 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

September 22, 2020

Research and advisory firm TAG Cyber has been publishing its seminal Security Annual report since 2016. Thousands of leaders and decision-makers across the cybersecurity ecosystem have come to rely on this report for expert guidance, analysis and education.

The organization published this year’s Security Annual today and Cequence Security is proud to be named one of TAG Cyber’s Distinguished Vendors, an elite recognition from among approximately 2,000 commercial solutions providers in TAG Cyber’s database.

The Security Annual shares a market outlook as well as industry insights from various thought leaders. I had the privilege of speaking with the TAG Cyber team about the ways that organizations can mitigate or reduce the impact of API attacks. APIs have been in use for years, providing developers with the benefits of speed and flexibility, however, no one could have predicted just how critical they would become to daily business operations.

Now, heading into 2021, APIs are the communications “glue” that holds together applications, components, microservices and containerized workloads. And for most organizations, API footprints will continue to expand exponentially. As such, it’s essential that organizations keep their APIs secure.

To help navigate this challenge, I shared insights with the TAG Cyber team, including:

  • How bad actors are abusing the API ecosystem to execute attacks.
  • How the explosion in API usage is impacting cyberattacks.
  • What some of the most common attack types against APIs are.
  • What the potential targets and consequences of an API attack are.
  • Recommendations on how organizations can reduce the risk of a successful API attack.

If you’re interested in learning about how organizations can better prepare for and prevent API attacks, you can read my full interview with the TAG Cyber team starting on page 105 of the report.

To learn how API Sentinel, the newest addition to the Cequence Application Security Platform, can help analyze all of your APIs to detect and mitigate security risks before they become incidents, please visit: https://www.cequence.ai/products/api-sentinel-security/

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