The Most Comprehensive API Security Platform Available

The only API Security Platform that unifies enterprise class API threat protection, with complete API visibility, risk assessment and remediation.

Edge Security

How Our Platform is Different

No Page Load or Forced Upgrade Penalties

Rapid Time to Value

A simple traffic redirect to the API Security Platform SaaS instance combined with our zero application integration requirement means you can begin analyzing and protecting APIs in as little as 15 minutes. Additional benefits to our low impact approach include no impact on your development teams, no page load delays or forced mobile user upgrades.

Higher Sustained Efficacy

Proven, High Efficacy Threat Protection

Threat patterns observed, known malicious infrastructure used and 3rd party threat intelligence is continuously analyzed and translated into out-of-the-box protection efficacy rates as high as 90%. Collaboration with our CQ Prime Threat Team can help you fine tune policies to achieve near prefect protection – quickly and efficiently.

Not a Black Box

Wide Set of Network Integrations

Don’t be forced into a vendor-centric architecture – start analyzing and protecting your APIs with passive, inline or API-based integration with any existing network component, in any environment.

Unmatched Attack Coverage

Unmatched Attack Coverage

The Platform continuously analyzes API and web app transactions to create a Behavioral Fingerprint that identifies multiple network level actions including tools in use, attacker evasion tactics, malicious infrastructure employed and user credentials. The result is unmatched attack coverage.

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Open, Extensible Platform

Open, Extensible Platform

Competitive offerings are closed and proprietary, requiring professional services engagements to access your data for analysis and forensics. Our API Security Platform is built upon a set of REST-based APIs that allow you to import threat data, integrate with your CI/CD framework, or export data to a SIEM, SOAR or anti-fraud system resulting in a stronger security posture.

Consistent Protection For APIs

Consistent Protection For APIs and Web Apps

Competitive offerings use cumbersome traffic redirects, cookie insertion techniques or basic volumetric analysis to protect your APIs, resulting in inconsistent levels of protection and poor user experience. The Behavioral Fingerprint created by CQAI tracks attacker behaviors as they move from web to API endpoints resulting in consistent protection across all of your applications.

Deployable Anywhere

Any Application Architecture

Every application architecture is unique in one way or another. Our API Security Platform lets you choose the security architecture that fits your requirements. Our SaaS-based architecture is most commonly used, but cloud, datacenter or hybrid are also supported.

API Integration

Broad API Coverage

APIs come in many flavors – yet they are susceptible to coding errors and can be targeted by threat actors. Our API Security Platform discovers and protects all manner of internal and public facing APIs – single page apps, mobile apps, direct APIs.

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Demos | Videos
Cequence Bot Defense 5-Minute Demo

A 5-minute demo of how Bot defense protects your public-facing web, mobile and API-based applications from account takeovers, fake account creation, and API abuse that may cause fraud and data loss.

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Cequence CQAI Technology

Technical summary of how CQAI analyzes behavioral intent to detects malicious bot activity that can then be mitigated based on policy.

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Uncover the Existence of an OpenBullet Attack Config

Tips and techniques to help you uncover the existence of an attack config, then demonstrate how it is used in OpenBullet, providing pointers on how to use OpenBullet to your mitigation advantage. A demonstration of Cequence Bot Defense will wrap up the session.

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