Simplifying Bot Prevention with CDN Integration

April 20, 2020 | by Vince Bryant

CDN Integration

Nearly every customer we speak with is in the process of executing a cloud migration initiative. In many cases, the cloud means first looking into SaaS as the deployment option for a new application. If SaaS cannot address the need, the public cloud is often used to build a custom application. In either case, a key driver for this shift is a desire to move away from managing data centers and infrastructure.

As part of this, organizations, even those in regulated industries, are asking more questions than ever as part of their vendor evaluation process. Common areas of interest include:

  1. Hybrid cloud support and SaaS offerings: Organizations are looking for vendors that can deploy their solutions across hybrid environments without creating additional management complexity. Many organizations are asking questions about compliance certifications for SaaS offerings so they can offload the infrastructure management entirely.
  2. Consolidation of security services: security teams are trying to reduce the complexity of managing multiple security solutions, so we see more questions about the breadth of services and integrations with other security offerings.
  3. Extend application security protection to APIs: there is an increased awareness that APIs are commonly targeted for data exfiltration and application abuse purposes. While questions around API security are often general and high-level, it is clear this is an area of concern.

To better serve our customers, we released API Spartan SaaS earlier this year. Once deployed, customers have real-time visibility into the traffic hitting their site, and complete control over the mitigation policies to disrupt malicious bot activity.

With Cequence Security deploying and managing the underlying infrastructure and the customer managing data and policies, API Spartan SaaS reduces the operational burdens associated with stopping automated bot attacks. 

API Spartan SaaS – CDN Integration

Deploying API Spartan SaaS is as easy as redirecting traffic from your CDN to the SaaS service, then on to the origin server. This level of integration, combined with our no JavaScript or SDK approach, ensures that API Spartan SaaS sees traffic coming from any new applications or API endpoints without direct involvement required from the security teams.

It is not uncommon for our customers to learn that their development teams have pushed a new login application flow or API endpoint out because this traffic started showing up in the Cequence console. 

You can see how easy this is to set up by reviewing our CDN configuration guides here: 

AWS CloudFront Integration | Fastly Integration | Akamai Integration

API Spartan SaaS – CDN Bundle

 For organizations that do not have a CDN in place, or are not happy with their current CDN provider, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services and Fastly to bring a complete, best-of-breed CDN, DDoS, WAF, and API Spartan solution to market.

With our partners, Cequence Security can meet these new customer requirements and deliver our industry-leading bot mitigation and API security service. The platform is easy to manage, flexible to deploy, and able to scale to meet the seasonal or peak traffic, without comprising on efficacy.

Vince Bryant


Vince Bryant

Senior Director of Business Development

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