API protection in Telecommunication: Time to Value – From under attack to protected in less than 30 minutes

October 11, 2022 | by Muzaffer Pasha

API Protection Telecommunication

Mobile Carrier Changes its Security Approach

In today’s blog, we highlight an existing telecom customer who has benefited from Cequence’s highly differentiated approach to blocking automated cyberattacks that did not require mobile SDK or JavaScript instrumentation. This unique approach is unlike any other security solution on the market and is built on the foundation of Cequence’s CQAI. CQAI allows Cequence to cut out the instrumentation that is normally required by other security vendors to make their solutions work. Instead, CQAI is powered by a multi-dimensional machine learning engine that accurately models and detects the attacker eco-system – even when cybercriminals retool to avoid detection.

Why this is a Big Deal for Large Enterprises

What customers realize is a highly streamlined onboarding process that brings immediate time-to-value API protection for their critical applications, eliminating software integration, eliminating page load delays and forced mobile app updates. Contrast this to other security vendors that can take weeks to months to onboard API protection for a single API endpoint, leaving the door open for attackers to continue to conduct attack campaigns.

Protection in Under 30 minutes

At this telecom provider, cybercriminals were attacking a critical API endpoint that had not yet been protected by Bot Defense, a component of Cequence’s UAP (Unified API Protection) solution. A member of the application development team responsible for this API had contacted the security team about this API that was under attack. They requested immediate assistance to quickly onboard API protection to mitigate the targeted attacks. The security team had jumped on protecting this API by implementing protection in under 30 minutes, configuring blocking policies that stopped the attacks right in their tracks. More importantly, 25 of these 30 minutes were spent on a conference call to plan and strategize. Cequence was up, running and protecting critical assets in minutes.

Bot Defense: A component of Cequence UAP

API Protection in Telecommunication

A Comparison in Contrasts

This highlights another example of a customer that has taken advantage of Cequence’s unique approach to API protection. When Bot Defense was first deployed at this telecom customer, thousands of APIs and web apps were onboarded within a matter of weeks. This contrasted with the previous API security vendor, which took 18 months to onboard a single API due to the extensive software integration and QA cycles required to integrate the vendor’s instrumentation. Because of this and despite their best efforts – they had only onboarded 13 API applications with a serious backlog of unprotected applications. With Bot Defense, they could move extremely fast to onboard unprotected APIs in a matter of minutes, ensuring that they could quickly respond to the security needs of the organization.

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