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The Most Comprehensive API Security Platform Available

Discover Your APIs. Detect Threats. Defend Your Business

The only API Security Platform that combines visibility and risk assessment with proven, real-time attack and vulnerability protection.

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Complete Visability

Address the #1 API Security Challenge: Complete Visibility

Identify and track all your APIs, regardless of location. Classify and remediate based on risk.

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Detect Threats

Detect Threats Hiding in Plain Sight

ML-based analysis uncovers sophisticated attacks masking themselves as legitimate API transactions.

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“Cequence helped bolster and protect our APIs from all forms of risk. As a platform designed to drive long-term customer loyalty, we appreciate their dedication to help further protect the brands we serve.”

— Ram Ravichandran, CTO of Narvar

Defend your APIs and Data

Defend your APIs and Data

Predefined policies and rules enable real-time mitigation from sophisticated API attacks.

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Success Experts Ready to Help

Let our team of success experts help you get started, or enlist their help with a fully managed threat monitoring service. It’s your choice.

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Why Choose Cequence for API Security?

The perfect mix of API security and DevOps enablement features protects exposed APIs and uncovers risks for remediation by development.

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Rapid Time to Value

A simple traffic redirect combined with zero application integration and hundreds of predefined policies enables analysis and protection in as little as 30 minutes.

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Broad API Discovery and Integration Support

Start analyzing and protecting your APIs with passive, inline or API-based integration with any existing network component – API gateway, proxy, CDN or ingress controller.

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Industry Leading, High Efficacy Protection

Predefined policies, fine-tuned using threat patterns observed in protecting billions of API transactions per day delivers unmatched, out-of-the-box protection.

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Not a Black Box

A rich user interface and an open, API-based architecture enables integration with threat intelligence feeds, CI/CD framework tools, other security components, and SIEM/SOAR/XDR solutions.

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Supported Integrations

Cloud, networking and log analytics integrations help strengthen your overall security posture.



Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

Bot & API Attack Prevention Week

In this week-long series, you'll learn how to prepare an effective and adaptive defense against automated threats, online fraud, business logic attacks, exploits, and unintended data leakage.

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Research Reports
KuppingerCole API Sentinel Executive View

Independent analyst assessment of API Sentinel and the Application Security Platform.

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Cequence Bot Defense

Bot Defense leverages CQAI, an ML-based analytics engine to discover all your public facing web and API-based applications. Automation indicators analyze each transaction to detect and prevent account takeovers, fake account creation, and API abuse that may cause fraud and data loss.

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