Reign in Your Rogue APIs

APIs enable you to rapidly develop and deploy new applications. Yet when those APIs are deployed outside of your documented publication process, specifications not conformed to, or older versions are not end-of-lifed properly, they introduce potential security risks that can lead to data loss, fraud or abuse.

Shadow API Visibility

Shadow APIs published outside of your normal process; deprecated or older versions that have not been removed and non-conforming APIs can introduce your organization to unseen security risks such as data loss, fraud and application business logic abuse.

Shadow API Diagram

API Sentinel Differentiators

Runtime discovery, inventory and assessment of your APIs eliminates security risks associated with shadow, deprecated or non-conforming APIs.

Continuous Risk Assessment

API Sentinel continually assesses your APIs to determine your risk exposure based on security best practices including strength of access control; sensitive data in error messages or payload; use of encrypted communication; and conformance to your OpenAPI specifications.

Specification Conformance Analysis

Using an uploaded OpenAPI specification definition, API Sentinel will identify and flag non-conforming endpoints, headers, parameters and response codes. Non-conforming elements can be updated by development to effectively mitigate security risks before they reach production.

Automatic API Discovery and Inventory

Integration with your existing API management infrastructure provides continuous runtime discovery of your APIs to deliver an up-to-date inventory. Default and customizable groupings can be used to provide your team with a complete picture of your API footprint.

API Usage Analysis

Gain a more complete picture of your API usage with predefined filters that show you the countries, IP addresses and organizations that your API requests are originating from. Results can be filtered based on geography and time with additional visibility into the headers, parameters and response codes discovered.

API Management Infrastructure Integration

API Sentinel integrates with Amazon API Gateway, Apigee API Management and proxies such as HAProxy, NGINX, and Envoy to ensure that all your APIs are discovered, tracked, analyzed and assessed.

Deploys in Minutes

Deployed as a modern Kubernetes-based application, API Sentinel can be deployed in a matter of minutes using an intuitive, widget-based interface.

API Sentinel Continuous Runtime Visibility and Monitoring Benefits

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Eliminate API Blind Spots That Can Lead to Data Loss

Reduce your API risk exposure by automatically discovering and tracking shadow or deprecated APIs that can lead to data loss, fraud or business logic abuse.

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Enhance Your API Security Effectiveness

Knowledge is power. Understanding your entire API footprint, the associated risks and whether they are in conformance allows you to mitigate security risks before they become incidents.

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Validate Conformance to Eliminate Risk

Continually analyze your APIs against a published OpenAPI specification can help you eliminate risks and potential security gaps associated with out-of-spec APIs.

Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries.

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Introducing Cequence API Sentinel

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Cequence API Sentinel

API Sentinel provides enterprises with unmatched visibility into API usage, specification conformance and security risk. Armed with an understanding of API usage and potential risk, security and development teams can efficiently prioritize fixes at a per-API level to mitigate security risks.

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API Sentinel Risk Score

Find out the Risk Score of an API resource, use the chart to assess several vulnerability categories and potential security gaps. The score for each category is determined by either the overall score indicated by the type of control in place, such as for the Access Control category or the sum of points earned for each gap identified for the risk type. A score of 0 is low risk, and a score of 10 is high risk.

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