Find and Remediate Out-of-Spec APIs

Security and development teams can use API specification frameworks to encourage API coding consistency by discovering APIs that have specification deviations for remediation. APIs that do not follow any specification are also discovered and categorized for update by development.

Close Mass Assignment Gaps with API Specification Enforcement

Mass Assignment, #6 on the OWASP API Security Top 10 list, allows threat actors to use exposed parameters and variables for attacks that can cause data loss and fraud. Discover and remediate API specification deviations and eliminate mass assignment threats.

Spec Conformance Close Mass Assignments Gaps

Maintain API Conformance, Eliminate Security Misconfigurations

Non-conforming APIs can enable #7 on the OWASP API Security Top 10 list – misconfigured security service that results in data loss, system compromise or fraud. Minimize this threat by continuously comparing your APIs against a published specification and flagging security misconfigurations for remediation.

Maintain API Conformance

API Sentinel Differentiators

Discover and remediate APIs that are out of conformance with your API specification.

Eliminate Spec Conformance Gaps

Uncover and remediate hidden parameters, headers, endpoints and methods that out of conformance with your API specification.

CI/CD and Network API Ecosystem Integration

REST-based APIs allow you to push API specifications to API Sentinel from CI/CD frameworks, receive API traffic from other network sources, and export data to external tools for analysis and fraud remediation.

API and Network Ecosystem Integration

REST-based APIs enable you to ingest API traffic from existing network components or export data to 3rd party tools for analysis, forensics and reporting.

Sensitive Data Dashboard

View all your APIs that are leaking sensitive data in a centralized location for rapid analysis and remediation.

Holistic View of API Inventory

The API Inventory Dashboard complements sensitive data discovery to provide a 360 degree view of all your internal and external APIs.

Deploys in Minutes

Kubernetes support and a wide range of technology integrations enable rapid deployment in any location, from the edge, to the data center, to service mesh environments.

API Sentinel Spec Conformance Enforcement Benefits

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Validate Conformance, Eliminate Security Gaps

Continuous runtime analysis of your APIs against a published OpenAPI specification to eliminate potential security gaps that can cause data loss or fraud.

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Prevent OWASP API Security Top 10 Threats #6 and #7

Discover and remediate non-conforming APIs that can expose you to OWASP API Security Top 10 threats #6 & #7 that can cause data loss or fraud.

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Enhance Your API Security Posture

Understand your entire API footprint and remediate discovered risks to strengthen your overall API security posture.

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