An AI-Powered Platform for Stronger Application Security

The Cequence Application Security Platform (ASP) protects your web, mobile and API-based application infrastructure from automated attacks, malicious bots, and exploits and is comprised of the following elements:


Cequence Application Security Platform



A patented machine learning and analytics engine that automatically discovers your web, mobile and API-based applications, while also uncovering threats and vulnerabilities that can be addressed by the two security modules:

  • CQ botDefense: uses the CQAI findings to determine the actual intent of the application transactions, allowing you to prevent a broad range of automated business logic abuse attacks.
  • CQ appFirewall: leverages CQAI to intelligently extend traditional WAF functionality while reducing administrative effort and addressing a significant WAF deficiency – preventing zero-day attacks.

CQ Connect

Import 3rd party data into Cequence ASP or export findings to your existing security infrastructure to strengthen your security posture and improve the productivity of your team.

CQ Insight

Centrally manage Cequence ASP with unmatched visibility into your web, mobile and API-based applications wherever they are deployed, allowing you to understand the intent of the traffic and take appropriate mitigation actions.

Cloud, Data Center and Hybrid Deployments

Cequence Application Security Platform

Cequence ASP uses a distributed, container-based architecture that can be deployed wherever your ever-evolving public facing applications are located – in public cloud, data center, or hybrid environments.

Application Security Consolidation: CQ appFirewall and CQ botDefense

Cequence Application Security Consolidation

Security that’s Baked into your Application Infrastructure

CQASP Baked Application Infrastructure

To ensure security keeps pace with application development, CQAI continually analyzes your applications to ensure that new releases and feature updates can be deployed as needed and the Cequence security modules within the platform will immediately protect them. All without requiring security change control requests, application instrumentation or SDK modification.

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