Expanding Our Reach To Deliver World-Class Bot Mitigation and API Protection to Europe and the Middle East

June 22, 2021 | by Cequence Security Team

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, we weren’t sure what it would do to our business – would demand halt because of economic uncertainty? Would threats decrease or increase? What kind of impact would the pandemic have on application development?  

Automated attacks rose dramatically. Application development pressed on with APIs as the pipeline for data requests. Attacks became both more and less sophisticated – newbies with more time on their hands deployed simple attacks like credential stuffing and scraping – while experienced hackers launched ever more sophisticated campaigns. And, it seemed like nearly every application was under attack.  

This expanding threat landscape enabled us to draw more interest in the Cequence platform, especially from Europe. As our California-based team was spending more time on Zoom calls before 8 am than they were after 12 noon, we realized that now was the time to focus on building out a team to support the European market.  

Hallo. Bonjour. Guten tag. ello! 

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our European team, built to support the demand — from the UK to Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey the rest of the Middle East — for our unique approach to API security. 


  • David Curran, EMEA VP, heads up the team from Munich where he’s been trailblazing for Cequence since 2019.  
  • Rens Grim is our Regional Sales Manager for Benelux and Nordic, located In Amsterdam.  
  • Philippe Corneloup supports France and EMEA South as Regional Sales Manager from our Paris office.
  • Mario van Riesen is the Regional Sales Manager for DACH and Central/Eastern Europe, located in Hamburg. 
  • The technical sales team includes James Sherlow, Adrian Steer and Michèll Grauwmans.  

“The automated attacks hitting organizations across the EMEA region are highly sophisticated and at times unrelenting. While traditional tools like reCAPTCHA and first-generation bot management can’t stop them, the Cequence Unified API Protection solution has proven to deliver unprecedented protections for highly connected organizations,” said David Curran.

“I’m proud of the successes we deliver to enterprises across the region from specialty retailers, marketplaces, dating apps, to financial services and insurance. We’re excited to have great capacity to help even more organizations.”  



Cequence Security Team


Cequence Security Team

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