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April 16, 2024 | by Rohit Unnikrishnan

API gateway security

Today, we’ll spend some time talking about integrating Cequence solutions with the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway. Broadcom API Gateway, previously known as Layer7 API Gateway, is an enterprise-grade solution designed to provide centralized management and security for API infrastructures. It acts as a proxy between clients and back-end services.

Cequence Security offers customers numerous ways to integrate with and make use of the infrastructure that they already have. In the last quarter, for example, we’ve added integrations for CA/Broadcom, Akana, and Akamai that allow each of these products to act as a traffic source to the Cequence Unified API Protection platform.

Broadcom API Gateway Integration

Cequence now supports and integrates with the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway using the Cequence Broadcom API Gateway Policy Plugin. Broadcom Layer7 API Gateways are extensible, scalable, high-performance gateways to connect your most important data and applications across any combination of cloud, container, or on-premises environments. Layer7 API Gateways are available as a standalone solution or as part of Layer7 API Management. With this new Cequence integration, installed as a Layer7 API Gateway Global Policy Fragment, customers can asynchronously forward all request and response transaction metadata via REST API to the Cequence Unified API Protection platform, making them available for analysis by API Spartan and API Sentinel.

Cequence monitors and analyzes metadata which often includes but is not limited to:

  1. API endpoints accessed
  2. Request and response information
  3. Source and destination IP addresses
  4. API call timestamps
  5. API response times and status codes
  6. Patterns of API usage
  7. Other headers and parameters

The integration of the Cequence Broadcom API Gateway Plugin with a Broadcom API Gateway can be deployed as an appliance. It can also be used for integration with Broadcom gateway deployed as a docker container or in Kubernetes. Integration is accomplished using the Broadcom Layer7 Policy Manager. Integration steps include configuring the Broadcom Layer7 Gateway to use the Cequence Broadcom Layer7 Gateway Plugin. The configuration will also include obtaining authentication credentials to your Cequence UAP control platform and modifying network ingress appropriately to allow for the transmission of transaction data.

API gateway security

With this integration with the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway, customers can leverage the Cequence Unified API Protection platform to protect their applications against security threats, particularly those targeting their API infrastructures:

  1. Protection Against Automated Attacks: The platform offers robust detection and mitigation controls against bot attacks, including credential stuffing, account takeover, data scraping, and denial-of-service attacks.
  2. Application Vulnerability Detection: It can identify potential vulnerabilities in your APIs and applications, such as attempts to exploit weaknesses in your application’s logic.
  3. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand normal API behavior, enabling it to identify anomalies and potentially malicious activities.
  4. Zero-Day Attack Prevention: The use of sophisticated machine learning models allows Cequence to identify and prevent Zero-Day attacks.
  5. Visibility and Control: The Cequence Unified API Protection platform provides complete visibility into API traffic, offering granular control over what can access your API resources.
  6. Compliance Assistance: By securing API endpoints and protecting sensitive customer data, the platform can help organizations meet compliance with various data protection regulations.
  7. Easy Integration: The platform fits easily into existing security infrastructure, offering a seamless way to enhance application security.
  8. Scalability: The Cequence platform is built to scale and thus can support organizations as their API usage and number of endpoints grow.

By offering these protections, the Cequence Unified API Protection platform ensures organizations can securely conduct digital business and protect customers’ sensitive data from breaches.

Rohit Unnikrishnan


Rohit Unnikrishnan

Sr. Director of Product Management

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