App Firewall

Stop Both API and Web Exploits That Lead to Data Loss and System Compromise

Prevent data loss, system compromise and business disruption caused by API and web attacks that use automation to exploit API coding errors and vulnerabilities.
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Address PCI and OWASP Top 10 Compliance Requirements

Deployed in conjunction with API Spartan to prevent highly automated exploits that traditional WAFs may miss while addressing PCI and OWASP Top 10 compliance requirements.
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Extend Policies

Extend Policies Beyond OWASP Web Application Top 10

Customize rules and policy responses using predefined criteria (application, HTTP payload, OWASP Top 10, geo-location or time of day) or through Lua and ModSecurity scripting tools.
ML Based Discovery

ML-based Discovery and Visibility Minimizes Policy Tuning

Continuous ML-based analysis maintains up-to-date visibility into API and web applications for policy-based protection from vulnerabilities and automated API attacks.
Saas Data

SaaS, Public Cloud, Data Center or Hybrid – It’s Your Choice

Deploy application security where it makes the most sense for you, not your vendor. Use APIs to import data to enhance results or export findings to SIEM/SOAR tools to strengthen your security posture.
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Simple product, excellent service.”

— Director of IT Security, Large Retailer

Why Cequence Security

Organizations that rely on APIs to power their business trust Cequence Security to proactively and predictively protect billions of API calls every day—without disruption to existing infrastructure and workflows.
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