Modern App Firewall Protection

App Firewall protects modern API and web applications from vulnerability exploits using a combination of ML-based intelligence and automation to extend beyond traditional OWASP Top 10 and PCI DSS Section 6.6-focused WAF functionality.

Key App Firewall Features

App Firewall leverages CQAI and complements Bot Defense functionality by preventing vulnerability exploits against your APIs and web applications.

ML-based Discovery and Visibility Minimizes Policy Tuning

Continuous ML-based analysis maintains up-to-date visibility into API and web applications for policy-based protection from vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits. Read the App Firewall datasheet.

Customizable Policies Beyond OWASP Top 10

Automation indicators and policy responses can be customized using predefined criteria (application, HTTP payload, OWASP Top 10, geo-location or time of day) or through Lua and ModSecurity scripting tools. Read the App Firewall datasheet.

Extensible Platform Supports Any Deployment Model

Integrates application security with existing IT infrastructure by sharing data via REST APIs. Flexible architecture allows you to deploy application security where it makes the most sense – in the public or private cloud, your datacenter or as a SaaS offering.

Application Security That Goes Beyond Traditional WAFs

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Vulnerability Exploits Blocked, Tuning Optional

Removes policy creation guesswork and ensures exploits, not legitimate traffic, are blocked with continuous ML-based analysis.

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Turn Complete Visibility into Actions

Accelerates incident analysis and response time with complete visibility into which applications may be at risk.

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Eliminates Security-Induced Bottlenecks

Eliminates deployment bottlenecks by baking vulnerability protection into your application development framework.

Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries.



Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

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