API Security Testing

Security-focused API Testing

Helping security and development teams shift left and accelerate the delivery of secure APIs.
API Security Testing

API Security Testing Product Features

Extensible API Test Framework

Pre-defined, imported or dynamically generated API tests helps security and development teams quickly uncover and remediate API vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Test Generation

Use real-time traffic analysis to generate both functional and fuzzing tests, even without access to API specifications.
Cequence Security Testing

Integrate API Testing into CI/CD Workflows

Integrate API OWASP Top 10+ tests into CI/CD workflows to discover and remediate API vulnerabilities earlier in the development process.

Visualize Results and Accelerate Remediation

View results with detail drill-down for rapid analysis and understanding. Share test status and results, initiate alerts via email, webhooks and other popular collaboration tools.

Find and Eliminate API Vulnerabilities Before They Become Incidents