Solving the #1 API Security Challenge Enterprises Face – API Visibility

March 24, 2021

Research shows that the number one challenge most organizations have is that they do not know how many APIs they have – and that they cannot protect what they cannot see. API Sentinel helps them overcome this challenge by providing continuous visibility and security risk monitoring for all exposed APIs – including managed and unmanaged (shadow) APIs.

Providing continuous runtime visibility into all APIs is a competitive differentiator for API Sentinel when compared to other WAFs and API Management products. API Sentinel can integrate with a broad set of network components including API management gateways, proxies, load balancers and ingress controllers to provide 360-degree visibility into all your exposed, managed, unmanaged or shadow APIs. This includes visibility into external-facing (North-South) as well as internal (East-West) APIs. This runtime discovery and inventory are complemented with continuous risk analysis to uncover sensitive data leakage, specification non-conformance, use of weak authentication, and additional custom-defined risk criteria. These powerful API visibility capabilities, often augmented by Cequence Bot Defense are helping financial service industries, telecom and retail customers solve significant API security challenges.

  • Eliminating Sensitive Data Leakage to Maintain Regulatory Compliance: A large financial services organization implemented Cequence API Sentinel to minimize the risks and compliance implications of inadvertent sensitive data leakage with the distributed nature of their API development methodology. Read the case study here.
  • Visibility and Inventory Tracking Helps to Reduce API Sprawl: Growth, acquisitions, and distributed development in a large telecom led to a lack of visibility into just how many APIs they had. The lack of visibility exposed them to possible vulnerability exploits and automated attacks. Read the case study on how they regained control over their API footprint with API Sentinel.
  • Protecting Partner Ecosystem APIs From Data Leakage: A large services provider for the retail industry uses individual APIs for each partner as a contract to establish exactly what data should be sent back and forth. API Sentinel discovers and analyzes all their APIs to ensure no contract deviations occur that may jeopardize the partnership and compliance. Read the case study here.

API Sentinel and Bot Defense, deployed as part of the Cequence Application Security platform, helps organizations strike the right balance between runtime security and shifting left with protections against ever-evolving attacks, API visibility and security risk monitoring. Visit the customer resource center to see how API Sentinel is solving the most difficult API security challenges.


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