Comprehensive Application and API Protection with Cequence and Vercara

April 2, 2024 | by John Dasher

API protection with Cequence and Vercara, API security

In January of this year, Cequence announced our partnership with Vercara, a leading provider of cloud-based security services. The partnership was motivated in no small part by the fact that Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) simply weren’t designed to handle the task of securing APIs. While WAFs and API gateways provide core application protection, they cannot address the complete spectrum of API security requirements which includes discovering all your APIs, detecting their inherent risks, and defending against associated threats.

The rise in API-related security incidents underscores the necessity for robust discovery, compliance, and protection mechanisms. Since APIs act as gateways to sensitive data and core business functionalities, a single breach can have far-reaching consequences. Data theft, unauthorized access, customer dissatisfaction, and system disruptions are among the potential outcomes, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach to API security.

Here’s a good primer that walks through why organizations need API security even if they have a WAF and API Gateway.

Fast forward to this past week where Vercara formally announced its UltraAPI™ product line, powered by Cequence Security, the world’s leading API Security and Bot Management company. The UltraAPI suite protects applications and APIs by providing discovery, compliance, and protection across all internal and external APIs to defend organizations against attacks, business logic abuse, and fraud.

The swift pace at which APIs are developed and deployed often outstrips the attention paid to securing them, leading to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber attackers. This scenario presents a critical challenge: ensuring that an organization’s expanding API use does not equate to increased security risks.

You may have heard the phrase, “shift left, shield right”. By shifting left, organizations try to identify and mitigate risks early in the development process as the APIs are created. Shielding right focuses on protecting applications and APIs after deployment, in production, supporting business-critical applications. Both, of course, are absolute necessities, and the UltraAPI platform covers the gamut.

Consisting of three flexible SaaS solutions – UltraAPI Discover, UltraAPI Comply, and UltraAPI Bot Manager – that can be purchased individually or as a comprehensive platform, Vercara’s UltraAPI suite embraces the breadth hat “shift left, shield right” infers.

  • UltraAPI Discover: API attack surface discovery management that continuously works to provide an attacker’s view of an organization’s externally accessible APIs.
  • UltraAPI Comply: Security posture management that provides a complete inventory of active APIs, identifying security risks, and alerting organizations to those that pose the greatest threat.
  • UltraAPI Bot Manager: Attack detection that prevents sophisticated automated application and API attacks and business logic abuse, leveraging machine learning and analytics to uncover, track, and block malicious behavior.

By integrating UltraAPI with Vercara’s other cloud-based solutions, such as UltraWAF and UltraDDos Protect, businesses can achieve a comprehensive security posture that encompasses both web applications and APIs. This holistic approach is vital in an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more complex.

The adoption of comprehensive API security solutions like UltraAPI is not just about mitigating risks; it’s about enabling businesses to leverage the full potential of their applications and APIs without compromising on security. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the importance of such solutions will only grow, underscoring the need for continued innovation and vigilance in API security.

John Dasher


John Dasher

VP Product Marketing

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