Cequence and Software AG Partner to Deliver End-to-End API Security

April 7, 2022 | by Varun Kohli

Today, application programming interfaces (APIs) act as the connective tissue for everything we do digitally. Designed for machine-to-machine interaction, APIs are the tool of choice for developers because each API includes all necessary commands, payload, and data to produce engaging user interactions. The most recent Cequence Security API Usage and Threat Report found that 14.4 billion or 70% of the 21.1 billion application requests were API-based. Further validating the explosive use of APIs, Gartner states that by 2023 over 50% of B2B transactions will be performed through real-time APIs versus traditional approaches. The widespread use of APIs will only continue to grow organizations expand their use of microservices and create new cloud-native applications, which introduces both a security and a management challenge.

With the understanding that even a perfectly coded API is susceptible to an attack, Cequence Security and Software AG are pleased to announce the delivery of a joint solution that addresses both the API protection and the management challenges organizations face as they grapple with widespread API usage.

Shield Right While Shifting Left

With the new integration, customers can use the Cequence API Security Platform to shield right by discovering and protecting their APIs, natively and in real-time, while the webMethods Gateway will help them shift left by more effectively managing their API development lifecycle.

Deployed in front of the webMethods Gateway, the Cequence API Security Platform is the only solution that can help organizations achieve the following business objectives:

  • Reign in Unmanaged APIs: The Platform identifies all APIs, including those not managed by the webMethods Gateway. Once discovered, those newly found APIs can be fed to the webMethods Gateway for ongoing management.
  • Improve Secure Coding Practices: Customizable risk assessment rules help uncover APIs exposing sensitive data, using poor authentication practices or out of conformance with defined specifications.
  • Reduce threat prevention administrative efforts: The Platform is the only offering that uses hundreds of Behavioral Fingerprinting-based policies to prevent sophisticated API attacks, natively and in real-time, eliminating any reliance on third-party tools such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Flexible response options include block, rate limit, geo-fence, deceive, and forward to 3rd-party.
  • Leverage Existing Security Ecosystem: REST-based APIs allow you to import threat intelligence, export findings to SEIM/SOAR tools, ingest traffic from other sources and integrate with CI/CD frameworks.

Together, Cequence Security and Software AG can help you improve your API security posture by shielding your APIs from attacks while Software AG webMethods Gateway helps you manage your shift left efforts.

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Varun Kohli


Varun Kohli


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