Welcome to Black Hat 2022

July 7, 2022 | by Lorena Andrews

Black Hat 2022 - Las Vegas

Black Hat in Las Vegas is around the corner!

While virtual events connected us in a safe fashion, we are thrilled to be able to spark conversation with you face-to-face once again at the Black Hat event August 6-11

Cequence Security at Black Hat

This year we are excited to meet you in person at Mandalay Bay at Booth 2074. Be sure to stop by our booth to see a demo of our Unified API Protection solution along with our recently announced API Spyder! You will not only learn why we are the best choice when it comes to protecting your APIs but you’ll also get to have some fun as you design your own personalized water bottle with a top notch artist. You will also be entered to win PlayStation 5 consoles and AirPods Max just by stopping by and saying hello!

Design your own bottle

Black Hat Prizes

Jason Kent

Cequence Security Session

Planning your agenda? Make sure to check out our session with Cequence Security’s very own Jason Kent, Hacker in Residence.

Application Security: IOCs in your APIs

As a defender it is often hard to chase down attackers without knowing they have been attacking. In this 15-minute recording, I will go over Indicators of Compromise that we see every day, within our customer’s environments. I will help you instrument yourself to find the IOCs that show the attackers’ hand and how to stop them. I will illustrate methods for finding your APIs and finding flaws in their design as well.


Cequence Security is Excited to Learn with You!

The Black Hat Conference is known for the astounding quality of presenters that speak at and attend the conference, and this year is no different. We’ll also be attending several of the sessions to learn more and engage on the topic of continuous API protection, including:

Internal Affairs: Hacking File System Access from the Web

This talk looks interesting because file system access is typically provided via internal access, thus, achieving or exploiting remote access to these systemswould be a great thing to defend against.

By: Matthew Weeks Technology Fellow, Deloitte
Dates: Wednesday, August 4 | 2:30pm-3:00pm ( Virtual )
Thursday, August 5 | 2:30pm-3:00pm ( Lagoon HI )

Breaking the Isolation: Cross-Account AWS Vulnerabilities

When you’re working with your AWS-based platform, with multiple accounts being setup and used in order to carry out work, there’s the potential for one of those accounts to be compromised. Getting the scoop on cross-account vulnerabilities gives us a great insight to figure out mitigation strategies.

By: Shir Tamari | Head of Research, Wiz.io and Ami Luttwak | Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Wiz.io
Date: Wednesday, August 4 | 11:20am-12:00pm ( Virtual )
Wednesday, August 4 | 3:20pm-4:00pm ( Lagoon FL )

A Broken Chain: Discovering OPC UA Attack Surface and Exploiting the Supply Chain

Attack surface management and supply chain issues have been at the heart of many of the attacks and problems organizations have faced this year. It’s important to know how to manage a robust and secure supply chain.
By: Eran Jacob | Security Research Team Lead, OTORIO
Dates: Wednesday, August 4 | 10:20am-11:00am ( Virtual )
Thursday, August 5 | 1:30pm-2:10pm ( Lagoon HI )

We look forward to meeting you at Black Hat this coming August 6-11! Make sure to stop by and meet the team at Booth 2074 on August 10th and 11th for an opportunity to learn more and walk away with some awesome swag and the chance to win a PlayStation 5 console and more!

Lorena Andrews


Lorena Andrews

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