Black Hat 2022 — End-to-End Fun and API Security

August 12, 2022 | by Linda Sim

It's a wrap on Black Hat 2022

It’s a wrap on Black Hat 2022!

Thank you to everyone who visited the Cequence Security team at Black Hat 2022! It’s always a blast to catch up with familiar and new faces about their API protection strategies and goals. Since Cequence adds value at every phase of an organization’s API security journey, each conversation is always unique. We were excited to hear from each of you and share some of the best practices our team has learned in return.

Speaking of… during the event, Cequence Hacker-in-Residence, Jason Kent, also delivered a virtual session on spotting indicators of compromise (IOCs) in your APIs. API threats can be tricky to spot and tend to look a little different depending on the connected application, so his tips are worth a quick review! If you missed his presentation, be sure to check out his blog on the topic of IOCs today.

The View from Booth 2074

Visitors to the Cequence booth were also non-stop on the show floor this year, and our conversations with attendees showed API security has never been more top-of-mind!

In addition to chatting with booth visitors about how they can eliminate unknown, unprotected, and unmitigated API Risks with a unified API protection solution we also gave away some fabulous prizes (congrats to the owner of a new PS5! 😉)

Black Hat booth

You’re the Best, Seriously

Considering APIs’ significant and expanding role in mobile and web app development, it’s great to see that API protection is a priority in many security programs today. However, it’s not the only discipline needed for strong cybersecurity, and we’re appreciative to all the experts who took the time to share their knowledge at Blackhat or lead a workshop, as well as the attendees who came to learn and improve their own skill sets in the field of cybersecurity.

If you were not able to attend Black Hat, you can still meet up with us virtually. Schedule a demo today!

Black Hat 2022 team

Finally, thank you to the Cequence team on the ground at the event. Events like Black Hat require all hands-on deck, and all of you contributed to making it a successful event!

Linda Sim


Linda Sim

Vice President of Demand Generation

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