API Protection Best Practices Webinar Series

August 18, 2022 | by Linda Sim

Weekly Webinar Series - API Protection Best Practices

The weather might be cooling off soon for many, but API threats are still expected frequently on the forecast as autumn approaches. To help organizations prepare, Cequence is launching a new weekly webinar series covering API Protection best practices, so you can learn how to reduce the risk of fraud, business abuse, and data loss from Bots and API attacks at your organization.

This four-part series will cover every part of the API Protection lifecycle, starting with discovery, and walk attendees through using Cequence Security’s Unified API Protection Solution to:

  • Proactively discover APIs at risk
  • Build an up-to-date API inventory
  • Detect threats and non-compliance
  • Protect against automated attacks and business logic abuse

Are you looking to discover, detect and defend your APIs from known, unknown, and unmitigated risks? Tune in every Wednesday in September to catch the API Protection Best Practices webinar series – Register here

API Protection Best Practices Webinar Schedule

Episode 1:
Unified API Protection: Know the Unknown, Protect the Unprotected
This 30-minute webinar will discuss the Cequence Unified API Protection (UAP) Solution, which helps organizations reap the competitive and business advantages of ubiquitous API connectivity without the risk. The Cequence UAP solution results in attack futility, failure, and fatigue for even the most relentless of attackers.

Wednesday, September 7 | 11am PDT
Wednesday, September 7 | 11am BST

Episode 2:
Protect Your APIs by Finding Attacker-Facing Resources
Join this session to learn more about API Spyder, an agentless discovery tool with no software or traffic redirects required that proactively discovers what attackers see and allows you to quickly prioritize remediation efforts by severity.

Wednesday, September 14 | 11am PDT
Wednesday, September 14 | 11am BST

Episode 3:
Continuous Visibility, Monitoring and Protection of Your Mission-Critical APIs
Bridge the gap between security and development teams, ensuring that API protection issues are surfaced and can be brought to the immediate attention of the appropriate software developers. Learn how API Sentinel provides customers with maximum visibility into their most pressing API problems.

Wednesday, September 21 | 11am PDT
Wednesday, September 21 | 11am BST

Episode 4:
Automated Attack Protection for APIs
The global proliferation of APIs has made it easier for threat actors to target APIs with automated attacks and business logic abuse that can result in fraud, data loss and business disruption. Address the detection and mitigation phases of the API Protection lifecycle by uncovering sophisticated attacks hiding in plain sight.

Wednesday, September 28 | 11am PDT
Wednesday, September 28 | 11am BST

Learn how you can address every phase of your API security journey while still ensuring a great user experience across your API-enabled applications. Register for the webinar series today!

Weekly Webinar Series - API Protection Best Practices

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