Prevent Fraud Associated with Account Takeovers

Massive in volume or low and slow, account takeovers mask themselves as real transactions that then result in fraud. Rapid and accurate prevention is critical to ensuring your customer data and assets are secure.

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“The Best Bot Mitigation Software on the Market.”

— Security Team Lead, Leading Dating and Relationship App

How We Address Your Top Account Takeover Challenges

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Protection in Minutes

A simple traffic redirection to the Bot Defense SaaS instance allows you to begin protecting your apps in as little as 15 minutes – not days, weeks or years.

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No JavaScript or SDK Integration Needed

Patented ML-based analysis performed by CQAI eliminates the development, page load time and forced mobile upgrade penalties introduced by JavaScript and mobile SDK integration efforts required by alternative solutions.

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Consistent Protection for APIs and Web Apps

With APIs now the primary attack vector, our no-client-integration approach allows you to deploy consistent visibility and policy protection for your APIs and web-based applications.

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Out-of-the-Box High Efficacy Prevention

Threat patterns observed, known malicious infrastructure used and 3rd party threat intelligence is continuously analyzed and translated into out-of-the-box policies for immediate, high efficacy protection.


Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our API Security Platform.

Cequence CQAI Technology

Technical summary of how CQAI analyzes behavioral intent to detects malicious bot activity that can then be mitigated based on policy.

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Preventing Fraud Caused by Account Takeovers

Organizations are plagued by automated attacks such as account takeovers and fake account creation. Learn how these attacks work, how the attackers hide in plain sight, and innovative strategies for catching malicious bots.

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Uncover the Existence of an OpenBullet Attack Config

Tips and techniques to help you uncover the existence of an attack config, then demonstrate how it is used in OpenBullet, providing pointers on how to use OpenBullet to your mitigation advantage. A demonstration of Cequence Bot Defense will wrap up the session.

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