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SaaS, Datacenter or Public Cloud?

SaaS, Data Center or Public Cloud

The Cequence Application Security Platform is available as a SaaS offering, allowing you to reduce the operational burden associated with deploying and managing your application security infrastructure. Alternatively, the ASP can be deployed in your datacenter or in the public cloud.

Application Security Platform

Application Security Platform SaaS

Deployed as a SaaS offering, the Cequence ASP reduces the operational effort associated with protecting your public facing application infrastructure from cyberattacks. All policies, data and system configuration elements are managed by you, the customer.

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Amazon CloudFront Inetgration

Amazon CloudFront Integration

Integrate with your Amazon CloudFront instance or license it as a bundle from Cequence Security to enable end-to-end application security that includes bot mitigation, exploit prevention, API visibility as well as content optimization and DDoS protection.

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SaaS-CDN Integration

SaaS-CDN Integration

Integration with leading CDNs including Fastly and Akamai allow you to deploy application security at the network edge, resulting in a reduction in (malicious) traffic hitting your application server infrastructure.

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SaaS-Proxy Integration

SaaS-Proxy Integration

Proxy integration allows you to implement application security closer to the workloads that need to be protected without requiring any changes to your network edge.

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Datacenter, Cloud or Hybrid Integration

Datacenter, Cloud or Hybrid

A container-based architecture allows you to implement application security wherever your applications are deployed. Natively supported integrations with existing security and network infrastructure helps maximize your existing investment while strengthening your security posture.

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Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries.

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Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

Research Reports
Bulletproof Proxies: The Evolving Cybercriminal Infrastructure

This report maps attack patterns observed within the Cequence Security customer base to one of the leading Bulletproof Proxy providers.

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Preventing Fraud Caused by Account Takeovers

Organizations are plagued by automated attacks such as account takeovers and fake account creation. Learn how these attacks work, how the attackers hide in plain sight, and innovative strategies for catching malicious bots.

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Case Studies
Zoosk: Preventing ATOs and Romance Fraud

Discover how Zoosk eliminated romance fraud by preventing ATOs targeting the mobile APIs.

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Start preventing fraud caused by account takeovers and API business logic abuse now.

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