Data Center or Public Cloud(s)

A key benefit of the container-based architecture is the deployment flexibility it provides, allowing you to implement application security in the appropriate location – close to the data center applications, at the network edge, or in the cloud. Natively supported integrations with existing security and network infrastructure makes efficient use of your existing investment while strengthening your security posture.

Cequence Demployment

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CQ botDefense SaaS

CQ botDefense SaaS integrates with either your existing CDN or as a proxy to support either visibility only mode, or bot defense mode.

Cequence Demployment

CQ botDefense SaaS CDN Integration
Integration with your CDN or load balancer allows you to deploy application security at the network edge, resulting in a reduction in (malicious) traffic hitting your application server infrastructure.

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Cequence Demployment

CQ botDefense SaaS Proxy Integration
Inline deployment allows you to implement bot protection closer to the application servers with no changes required to the network edge. A lightweight module is used to integrate with your proxy where it communicates with CQ AI in the cloud for ML analysis and policy updates.

Learn more: Cequence botDefense SaaS Datasheet