Core Platform Technology

Foundational, ML-based technology that uses multidimensional analysis to discover all your API and web applications, separating legitimate from malicious activity to detect bot attacks and vulnerability exploits for policy enforcement.

CQAI Features

Quickly uncover sophisticated, automated attacks, masking themselves as legitimate traffic.

Application Source Profiling

Automated ML-based profiling of incoming requests to validate that the application sources – the browser or mobile application are genuine. A common attack is to spoof the browser, user agent or the mobile application itself. Read the CQAI Tech Brief.

Credential Stuffing Detection

CQAI detects potential credential stuffing by matching user credentials against known data breaches. Read the CQAI Tech Brief.

Source IP Reputation Analysis

Evaluation of client IP address against the millions of IP addresses that are commercially available from a range of Bulletproof Proxy vendors. Attackers will use these proxy services to mask their identity and location.

Source Tools Profiling

Attackers will create and monetize predefined attack configurations to simplify and monetize their attack techniques. This CQAI technique compares discovered attack characteristics with those found in commercially available toolkit configurations.

Behavioral Fingerprinting

ML-based behavioral analytics to detect evasive techniques often missed by client-based JS and SDK techniques. Behavioral profiles are combined with the user, network, organization, and application sources to result in unique fingerprints that identify the particular class of traffic.

Rule Validation and Risk Scoring

Risk scoring by analyzing behavioral profiles against more than 150 predefined and custom automation indicators. Findings can be translated into Bot Defense or App Firewall policies. Learn more in the CQAI Tech Brief.

Powerful ML-based analysis enables your team to do more with less.

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No App Development Impact

CQAI eliminates cumbersome JavaScript and SDK integration and QA efforts, allowing your teams to automatically protect newly deployed and constantly updating applications from automated threats.

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Security Policy Consistency

Agentless approach provides you with the same, consistent telemetry and policy response options for your API and web application traffic, ensuring both APIs and web applications are protected.

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Faster Remediation Through Rich Automation Insights

Integration of rich automation insights with your SIEM and SOC provides your team with up-to-the minute visibility into automation indicators and behavioral insights into bot behavior, reducing investigative efforts and allowing for faster policy enforcement.

Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries.

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Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our API Security Platform.

Cequence CQAI Technology

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