Threat Hunting in Action: Finding Attackers Hiding in Plain Sight

April 9, 2020 | by Matt Keil

Attacks Hiding in Plainsight IDG

Account takeovers, fake account creation, content scraping, and API abuse are some of the more difficult attacks to prevent because they appear to be legitimate transactions.

In this hands-on threat hunting webinar sponsored by IDG, Jason Kent, Hacker-in-Residence will walk through the tools, techniques, and tactics that a bad actor will use to execute these automated attacks that often result in fraud or theft.

Register Now: Tuesday, April 14 2:00PM EST

During the session, Jason will first review the resources a bad actor will use to assemble the required attack components. Then, using Cequence API Spartan, Jason will walk attendees through a series of hands-on threat hunting exercises to demonstrate how you can find and stop these automated attacks.

Attendees will learn:

  • The research techniques used to formulate the attack
  • Sources for tools, attack infrastructure and credentials
  • Common behavioral changes when the attack is detected

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Matt Keil


Matt Keil

Director of Product Marketing

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