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Helping you eliminate unknown, unprotected, and unmitigated API risks.

Organizations trust Cequence Security to protect their APIs and scale their business with the only solution that addresses all phases of the API protection lifecycle. The Cequence Unified API Protection (UAP) solution provides runtime API visibility, security risk monitoring, and patented behavioral fingerprinting technology to consistently detect and protect against ever evolving online attacks.

API Spyder
An API attack surface discovery and management tool that continuously assesses your public facing APIs and resources to show you exactly what an attacker sees from an outside-in perspective.

API Sentinel
Provides an inside-out view of your APIs by integrating with any network infrastructure element to create an up-to-the-minute catalog of all your APIs, managed, unmanaged.

API Security Testing
Augment standard QA cycles and initiate remediation tasks.

API Spartan

API Spartan
Detects and prevents the most sophisticated automated API attacks and business logic abuse using hundreds of ML rules that leverage an API threat database with billions of malicious behaviors, IP addresses and organizations.