Working at Cequence in 2022: World’s Most Comprehensive API Security Platform

January 27, 2022 | by Larry Link

With our recent round of funding, we have opened up numerous API security career opportunities around the world, both in-office (Sunnyvale, CA and Cincinnati OH) and remote. You can review the available API security openings here. But before you do, I thought I would update my 2018 blog on what it’s like to work here.

Obviously, the biggest change between 2018 and now is the notion of “office or not.” We have always embraced remote working, although not as a formal policy. With the pandemic, we have formally embraced it – how many organizations can tell you that they have customer success engineers in both Anchorage, Alaska, AND Newfoundland, Canada?

The other significant change since 2018 is we have added API discovery, inventory tracking, risk analysis, and remediation to our existing ML-based API threat protection, bringing to market the most comprehensive API Security Platform on the market. Why? Today, everything we do relies on APIs. Modern cars, your favorite mobile app, frequently used shopping site, and finance management all use APIs as their underlying connective tissue to deliver an engaging end-user experience. For these same reasons, threat actors love APIs, with Gartner predicting that by 2022 API attacks will become the most-frequent attack vector, causing data breaches for enterprise web applications.

The expansion was easy for us – we have been protecting APIs for our F500 customers for years now, using patented, ML-based behavioral fingerprinting to natively detect and mitigate attacks and vulnerabilities hiding in plain sight among legitimate traffic. With our API Security Platform, customers can deploy runtime protection while also analyzing their APIs to uncover and remediate developer errors before they are exposed. Something we call Shielding Right While Shifting Left.

API Security is exploding and we are hiring staff for significant growth over the next few years. We are looking for talented individuals, working anywhere, who want to join a fast-paced organization to deliver and support the most comprehensive API security solution on the market. If the mission and culture I discuss below are a fit, then slip on over to the API Security careers page to take the next step.

Original 2018 blog: Working at Cequence Security

Prospective employees frequently inquire about our company culture at Cequence Security, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the topic. Before I do that, it makes sense to define mission and culture, as those two topics go hand in hand.

A mission declares an organization’s purpose, or why it exists, while the company culture reflects the values and actions of each member of the Cequence team in pursuit of the company mission and goals.

So, what makes our company special and a great place to work? Let’s start with our mission – to empower our customers with innovative security solutions that protect their Internet-facing web, mobile, and API application infrastructure from cyber-attacks, while also improving the operational efficiency of their IT staff.

The company culture that supports our mission has many components and is difficult to describe in a couple of statements, but at the core, we’re fanatical about the following:

  1. High growth/fast pace. Tripling our business and doubling our headcount year over year. Embracing agile development with 2-week sprints to deliver new features and capabilities that delight our customers. We are on a mission to rapidly improve application security.
  2. Engagement up and down the company including our customers and business partners. We are passionate and committed to the mission. To paraphrase the fable of the Chicken and the Pig, we are a company full of pigs fully committed, there are no chickens in the building.
  3. Not all heroes wear capes. We believe in frequently recognizing and rewarding the people on the team who are busting their tail and making a difference for our customers.
  4. Teamwork. We are collaborative inside the organization and with our customers. We don’t have fixed organizational lines, everyone pitches in to reach our lofty goals. We don’t sell to our customers, rather we enter into partnerships with our customers and we become extensions of their team.
  5. We have fun. We’re family, we genuinely like working together and have fun together. We laugh a lot. When you’re working at a startup, you see your startup family more than you see your personal family, so it’s important to have fun together.

Having worked in Silicon Valley for many years, it’s unusual to find a start-up where the mission and the culture are unified like this. It also creates great employment opportunities for talented people anxious to embrace the mission and culture and make a positive difference. If this sounds compelling to you, let’s talk!

Larry Link

Larry Link

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