Cequence and HPE GreenLake: API Security for Cloud Native Applications

February 6, 2024 | by Jeff Harrell

Cequence API Security for HPE GreenLake

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud native infrastructure, APIs stand as crucial conduits, powering everything from online shopping to mobile applications. However, this increased connectivity introduces significant security risks, with APIs often operating without sufficient oversight. Many of the recent data breaches making headlines were due to APIs that were improperly secured.

As digital transformation is propelled by the shift towards cloud-native applications and microservices, the complexity and volume of APIs expand, exacerbating security challenges. This “Wild West” of APIs, difficult to track and secure, raises pressing questions for security leaders about the extent, risks, and current security status of their API landscapes.

Cequence Unified API Protection (UAP)

The Cequence Unified API Protection (UAP) platform enables organizations to answer the three most important questions about their APIs:

  • How many APIs do I have and where are they in my infrastructure?
  • What risks do they introduce?
  • Am I protected from attacks on my applications and APIs?

The UAP platform is an ideal solution for defending cloud-native systems against attacks, targeted abuse, and fraud.

Protecting Your Digital Workloads on HPE GreenLake

Cequence and HPE have partnered to deliver unified API protection for HPE GreenLake customers, protecting their APIs as well as supporting Cequence deployment on HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise (PCE) instances. HPE GreenLake is a leading enterprise platform optimized for private cloud deployments in customer data centers which naturally rely heavily on APIs for inter-application communication. These APIs are often ephemeral, created and eliminated as needed. This can create a very large number of APIs in cloud-native environments that must be protected by a solution designed for massive scale.

Cequence is the first API security vendor on the HPE GreenLake Marketplace, and has been validated on HPE GreenLake PCE, and customers can rest assured that their APIs are protected throughout the complete API lifecycle.

Partnership Benefits

  • Seamless deployment on HPE GreenLake infrastructure
  • Continuous compliance monitoring and real-time attack mitigation of HPE GreenLake workloads
  • Build secure applications on HPE GreenLake

A diagram of a potential HPE Greenlake deployment with HPE Private Cloud Enterprise on the bottom, HPE Containers as a Service with Cequence API Sentinel and Cequence API Spartan, and Cequence Defenders protecting HPE Private Cloud Enterprise customers. Cequence API Spyder in the Cequence Cloud is off to the side.

The partnership between Cequence and HPE enables customers to take advantage of the power and flexibility of HPE GreenLake while ensuring their API infrastructure is protected throughout the API security lifecycle with Cequence Unified API Protection.

Interested in learning more? Check out the press release or schedule a call with our team to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Jeff Harrell


Jeff Harrell

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