Cequence Stands Out: Recognized as a Top Workplace by Built In

January 17, 2024 | by Varun Kohli

Cequence best places to work

Last week’s announcement brought the exciting news that Cequence was recognized in the prestigious 2024 Best Places to Work Awards by Built In. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to building a workplace culture that esteems innovation, collaboration, and the well-being of our remarkable team.

Acknowledging Cequence’s exceptional workplace environment, employee satisfaction, and dedication to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere, Built In—a leading technology recruitment platform—reinforces our ongoing efforts to provide an environment where every team member feels valued and empowered.

What Makes Cequence a Best Place to Work?

  • LIFFT Culture Champions Collaboration, Innovation, and Customer-Centric Management:
    • Our culture focuses on five key values: Lead with speed, Innovation, Fearless execution, Focus on customers, and Teamwork.
  • Team Contribution is Encouraged at All Levels:
    • We foster a culture of teamwork where every team member is encouraged to contribute, regardless of their role or title.
    • Our “Win Together, Learn Together” philosophy emphasizes collective success.
  • Customer Obsession Sets Us Apart:
    • Cequence’s unwavering commitment to customer obsession distinguishes us.
    • We prioritize helping clients succeed and collaborate passionately with all employees.
  • Distinctive Presence in Cybersecurity Landscape:
    • Our emphasis on collective success and shared dedication to customer satisfaction sets Cequence apart in the competitive cybersecurity landscape.
    • Our commitment to staying at the forefront of API security advancements ensures a secure digital environment for our customers.
  • People-Centric Focus Recognizes Contributions:
    • We celebrate employees at all levels for their contributions, whether big or small.
    • Expertise matters more than physical location.
  • Flexible Work Environment Encourages Productivity:
    • Cequence embraces flexible and inclusive work environments
    • Team members are encouraged to work where they feel most productive.
  • Life-Work Balance is a Priority:
    • We value life-work balance, recognizing the importance of family, friends, volunteering, and personal time off.
    • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all team members is a priority.

What Employees Are Saying:

Vice President, Revenue Marketing
“It’s not just the amazing product that brought me here, it’s the people. I have countless stories to tell candidates when they interview about how much our leadership team cares. It starts from the top and this is seen across the company.”

Security Engineer
“At Cequence, we cherish a culture that values not just hard work, but the importance of a healthy work-life balance. We encourage each other to prioritize their families and personal well-being, creating an environment where we work hard, play hard, and live a fulfilling life outside the office. Personally, I never hesitate to attend my son’s appointments or take a well-deserved day off, knowing that our dedicated team supports each other, ensuring nothing is missed. It’s more than a job; it’s a commitment to a balanced and rewarding life.”

Director, Field Marketing
“Embarking on this journey with Cequence Security has been nothing short of incredible. Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow, surrounded by peers who inspire me to evolve as a marketer. Beyond being part of an extraordinary family of brilliant individuals, Cequence fosters a work environment that values a harmonious balance between professional and personal life. The contagious passion and motivation within the team make it nearly impossible not to be driven to give my best.”

Executive Assistant
“I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a fantastic company with amazing coworkers and inspiring leaders. The leaders are not only knowledgeable, experienced, and transparent, but they are also approachable and fun to be around. I am thankful to work at a place where my opinions are heard, and professional growth is highly encouraged. I truly enjoy waking up every day and seeing what the new day will bring.”

Director, Product Marketing
“One of the things I appreciate about Cequence is the transparency we get from executive leadership. We’re all a team, and we work together that way. When decisions are made, the reasoning is explained and shared so we’re all on the same page. It’s refreshing.”

We are honored to be recognized by Built In in the 2024 Best Places to Work Awards. This achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of our team members who contribute to making Cequence a remarkable workplace. As we celebrate this accomplishment, we remain committed to creating an environment where talent thrives, innovation flourishes, and each team member is proud to be part of Cequence. Thank you to our incredible team for making this recognition possible!


Varun Kohli


Varun Kohli


Varun Kohli, CMO at Cequence, formerly led marketing teams at Feedzai, Symantec, McAfee and ArcSight. Featured in major publications and broadcasts, Varun has contributed to 9 successful company exits. He holds degrees from IIT Guwahati, UC Riverside and UC Berkeley.

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