A Modern Development Stack Makes Work More Fun

August 12, 2020

One of the many things I like about working at Cequence, over and above the protection value we provide our customers, is our commitment to using modern application development tools like Kubernetes, Spark and my current favorite, React.

Despite our existing frontend being written in AngularJS, our development team has made the decision to head in the direction of React for all future frontend applications. This is a framework many of us know and love and one we feel is an easy transition for new additions to the team. Our newest, greenfield applications are being built in React and changes have been made to our legacy, AngularJS codebase to enable its transition to modernity. In a recent series of articles posted on Medium (linked below), I talked about several fun and interesting problems we’ve solved as part of these efforts.

As I continue to post articles to Medium, we will repost them here. If you’re a developer looking for cool opportunities in a security startup with very enthusiastic and competent team members, check out our listings.

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