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Complete API Inventory and Sensitive Data Leakage Prevention

Integrate runtime API visibility and protection from unknown attacks with your CI/CD frameworks to eliminate avenues of online fraud and data loss.

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API Sentinel Video
API Sentinel

Solve your #1 API Security Problem – Visibility

Find, track, and monitor all your APIs to uncover and remediate security gaps and those leaking sensitive data.

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Complete Visibility into APIs and Web Applications

Outsmart Threat Actors

Get actionable intelligence into ever changing attack behavior with CQAI.

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Detect Attacks

Intent-based Bot Prevention

Prevent advanced bot attacks, even as they retool, with patented, intent-based Behavioral Fingerprints.

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App Firewall

Intelligent Exploit Prevention

Translate CQAI findings into App Firewall policies to stop attacks that combine both vulnerability and bot attack characteristics.

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Block or Deceive the Bots

Block or Deceive the Attacker? You Decide

Attacks can be stopped using multiple response options including deception, a technique that convinces attackers that they’ve succeeded.

Fool the Bots

Why Cequence?

Runtime web and API protection against unknown attacks to “shield the right” while implementing shift left DevOps initiatives.

It’s “the Perfect Security Solution for Ecommerce / Public API Protection.”
Read the Gartner Peer Insights Review.

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Deploys in Minutes

Modern, Kubernetes-based architecture allows you to quickly begin protecting your APIs and web apps from ever-evolving cyberattacks.

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Actionable Intelligence

Patented ML-based analysis of your API and application footprint allows you to understand your security risks and address them instantly.

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CI/CD Integration

REST-based APIs enable integration with CI/CD frameworks, API management ecosystem tools and data export for analysis and reporting.

Why Cequence?

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Bot & API Attack Prevention Week

In this week-long series, you'll learn how to prepare an effective and adaptive defense against automated threats, online fraud, business logic attacks, exploits, and unintended data leakage.

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Research Reports
KuppingerCole API Sentinel Executive View

Independent analyst assessment of API Sentinel and the Application Security Platform.

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Cequence Bot Defense

Bot Defense leverages CQAI, an ML-based analytics engine to discover all your public facing web and API-based applications. Automation indicators analyze each transaction to detect and prevent account takeovers, fake account creation, and API abuse that may cause fraud and data loss.

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