Components of the ASP Platform


Intelligence. Insight. Integration.

Cequence ASP delivers these values by leveraging three powerful components of the platform – CQAI, CQ Manage, and CQ Connect. When combined with the security service modules that leverage the capabilities of the platform, customers can benefit from a stronger application security posture, as well as improved productivity and efficiency of their security operations team.


Multi-dimensional attack strategy

Example of multidimensional threat detection performed by CQAI - Click for more information

Multidimensional AI-Based Threat Detection

CQAI’s unique blend of AI and machine learning enables threat detection that accurately identifies more attacks, is more reliable, and has no impact on performance. CQAI begins by analyzing every interaction from multiple perspectives including client, network, and application traits and behaviors. This gives the engine a much more complete view of behavior than what is possible with technologies that rely on client context alone. For example, while client-side analysis can reveal unusual header anomalies, an application-side analysis can see the actual attack behavior of a denial of inventory attack where a user repeatedly puts items in his basket without purchasing. Blending these perspectives makes CQAI much more insightful and reliable.

Cequence ASP Security Modules


The Cequence platform is designed to ultimately simplify enterprise security infrastructures by allowing organizations to consolidate multiple application security functions into one scalable software platform. Cequence will continue to develop innovative application security service modules, each one leveraging the inherent Intelligence, Insight, and Integration values of the ASP platform. This results in a stronger security posture and improved operational efficiency.

CQ botDefense

The first service module for the platform, CQ botDefense, overcomes the limitations of WAFs and first-generation bot management tools by providing real-time detection and defense of complex, geo-distributed, large scale bot attacks targeting your web, mobile, and API applications on-premises or in the cloud. Unlike other products, CQ botDefense requires no time-consuming application changes, such as JavaScript injection or mobile app modifications. And that means significantly improved productivity for security teams. Learn more