—Frequently Answered Questions—


What unique values does the Cequence solution provide?

What makes Cequence unlike other solutions are ten key differentiators that raise the stakes for application security delivery to customers. Learn more by reading the infographic Twelve Ways Cequence Security Is Raising the Bar on Application Security.

How are you different from a WAF?

Many organizations deploy web application firewalls (WAFs) for a mix of compliance and security reasons. While WAFs do take a closer look at application traffic, they remain network devices, and they are typically still looking for traffic that exploits a known vulnerability.

Also, WAFs are often co-located with web servers or load balancers, which, depending on the organization, may not even be in the access path to some web, mobile, and API applications. For many organizations, WAFs are simply compliance checkbox items and are sidelined as security devices.

How does your solution work without JavaScript or mobile SDKs?

Because Cequence is a server-side solution, we perform analysis in-place and within the secure application path. This gives us the depth of native signals and telemetry available without the need to exfiltrate any data or personally identifiable information, or the need to supplement our telemetry with additional signals that complicate and intrude on the application. The customer advantages are that it eliminates the need to change any of your applications, reduces user friction, and lowers the amount of IT resources needed as there is no need to implement client-side JavaScript and SDKs.

Can you integrate with my existing fraud systems?

The open APIs of the Cequence platform enables it to share critical information with WAFs, SIEMs, anti-fraud systems, and other devices within a customer’s security ecosystem thereby improving internal workflows and processes which then helps improve team productivity.

Can you provide application discovery?

The Cequence Application Security Platform enables security teams to have a complete, automated discovery of their web, mobile, and API applications across their network. The CQ ASP discovers and then presents a clear picture of the resources it is protecting—components, network accessibility, locations, and criticality.  A Cequence customers’ initial deployment begins in discovery mode which gives them the visibility into never-before-seen applications they have to protect.