Complete and Open Application Security Platform

Integrated application security platform provides centralized access to threat data for analysis and policy-execution. REST-based APIs facilitate information sharing with 3rd parties and existing IT infrastructure to improve overall security efficacy.

Key Application Security Platform Features

Open, extensible platform integrates application security, allowing you to centrally detect, analyze and respond to bot attacks and vulnerability exploits.

Application and Attack Data at your Fingertips, not Someone Else’s

Rich interactive dashboard provides complete visibility into your API and web application attack surface, along with unified policy control and threat analysis for Bot Defense and App Firewall. Read the ASP datasheet to learn more.

Integrates with Security Backend Systems

Highly customizable platform allows you to share application vulnerability findings and automated bot insights with your integrated SIEM and SOC systems giving your team immediate access to detailed attack data for analysis and policy-based response.

Deploy as Cloud-native, Container-based Software or SaaS

SaaS-based or cloud-native, containerized deployment allows security to be deployed and move with your applications in the data center, private or public cloud. This deployment flexibility effectively bakes security into your application fabric.

Custom Data Extraction to Pinpoint Attack Targets

Rich policy interface allows you to extract and analyze custom application request and response at-tributes so you can identify exactly what the attack is targeting, such as pages being scraped, or user accounts being compromised with Bot Defense.

Integrates with Modern and Legacy Application Architectures

Integration options allow you to deploy our Application Security Platform behind traditional load balancers or network proxies, or in a modern service mesh behind an ingress controller.

Strong, Role-based Access Control

Authentication options for administrators, including SAML 2.0 combined with role-based access con-trol allows you to safely delegate responsibilities to different groups and individuals. Read the ASP datasheet to learn more.

Integrated Application Security Platform Simplifies Cyberattack Protection

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Unified Policy Control and Visibility

Improve your security posture with a unified, ML-based platform that delivers complete visibility and protection from bot attacks and vulnerability exploits for your API and web applications.

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Reduced Security Infrastructure Complexity

Reduces security infrastructure complexity and associated costs with integrated protection from automated bots and application vulnerabilities.

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Enhance Security Effectiveness

Security efficacy is improved by leveraging inbound threat or fraud data sources or sharing data with other security, analysis or forensics systems.

Our Customers

Every day, Cequence Security analyzes and protects billions of application transactions for customers in the financial services, retail, and social media industries.

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Browse our library of datasheets, research reports, blogs, and archived webinars to learn more about our Application Security Platform.

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Preventing Fraud Caused by Account Takeovers

Organizations are plagued by automated attacks such as account takeovers and fake account creation. Learn how these attacks work, how the attackers hide in plain sight, and innovative strategies for catching malicious bots.

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Case Studies
Zoosk: Preventing ATOs and Romance Fraud

Discover how Zoosk eliminated romance fraud by preventing ATOs targeting the mobile APIs.

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Stop ATO in 15 Minutes

Check out this short webinar on preventing ATOs that may lead to financial fraud.

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