Turning Actionable Intelligence into Policy

CQ Insight provides complete visibility into your applications, their transactions, and any threats that may be hiding in plain sight. Armed with the knowledge of what the intent of your web, mobile and API-based application traffic is, you can build policies to protect your digital assets. Policy examples can include:

  • Preventing account takeovers and subsequent secondary attacks like loyalty program fraud or reputation bombing.
  • Stop fake account creation, denial of inventory and seat spinning attacks for retail or airline reservation applications.
  • Protect commonly compromised commercial applications from zero-day vulnerability exploits.

In addition to a visual summary of your application traffic and the attacks that may be targeting them, CQ Insight gives you the ability to create custom rules, enable and disable system rules, and configure all aspects of Cequence ASP. Rules created and deployed by CQ Insight leverage the continual analysis performed by CQAI to ensure new attacks are detected automatically, thereby minimizing or eliminating the need for to monitor Cequence ASP 24×7.

CQ InsightVisualize your application traffic and take action on attacks with CQ Insight.