Enrich Findings and Improve Security Outcomes

Too often, security solutions are closed systems, unable to fully leverage 3rd party data or provide added context to improve security outcomes. CQ Connect addresses those two challenges using REST-based APIs to send Cequence ASP findings to your existing firewall or WAF for enforcement, or to your SIEM for additional analysis. CQ Connect also allows you to ingest 3rd party data from threat and fraud subscriptions or from your SIEM as a means of enhancing the Cequence ASP findings.

CQ Connect enables your entire security organization to benefit from the power of the Cequence ASP by sharing granular details on detections and allowing users to write their own detection logic. Whereas many AI and ML-based systems function like isolated “black boxes,” CQ Connect facilitates information sharing to allow security analysts and data scientists to correlate CQAI data with their other systems and data sources. Likewise, if data scientists or developers identify new detection patterns based on their analysis, they can easily write detection models to run within CQAI.

The net result of leveraging CQ Connect is not only a stronger security posture for your organization, but also enhanced productivity of your security team as a result of automated information exchange and a more complete understanding of application attacks.