Intelligently Preventing Automated Application Attacks

CQ botDefense complements CQ appFirewall as an additional security module available within the Cequence Application Security Platform (ASP).

CQ botDefense leverages CQAI, a patented, machine learning, analytics engine to automatically discover all of your web, mobile and API-based applications along with the threats and vulnerabilities targeting them that may lead to data loss or application infrastructure compromise. Armed with this unmatched visibility, your security team can deploy policies and accomplish the following application security objectives:

Cequence Application Security Platform

  • Prevent automated attacks targeting web, mobile and API-based apps. CQ botDefense continually analyzes your public-facing applications to discover threats that you can mitigate via policy using a range of response options including block, alert, deception, rate limiting and geo-fencing.
  • Bake security into your application infrastructure. Continual analysis of your applications by CQAI obviates the need for application instrumentation requiring JavaScript injection and SDK updates. As new applications or updates are released, they are automatically detected by CQAI and protected by CQ botDefense.
  • Integrates with your existing security infrastructure. As an integral component of Cequence ASP, CQ botDefense takes advantage of the CQ Connect REST APIs to import and export information and thus improve the efficacy of your entire security infrastructure. The distributed, container-based architecture enables you to deploy CQ botDefense in the cloud, data center or hybrid locations.
  • Enables application security consolidation. Managed centrally, the integrated elements of the Cequence ASP, CQ botDefense and CQ appFirewall allow you to manage multiple application security functions – bot protection and application firewall – with a single pane of glass.

Reducing your Threat Footprint

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